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Babylonia USA BBTai (Wasabi)

Wear&Share Rentals: Meh Dei

Babylonia USA BBTai (Wasabi)

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Babylonia USA BBTai (Wasabi)

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BB-Tai is simple to tie, adjustable and comfortable for both wearer and child. Specially woven to wrap around the curves of both baby and wearer, BB-Tai is a baby carrier the whole family can enjoy, quickly switching from one wearer to another without buckles or straps that need to be adjusted and readjusted.


Why Choose A BB-Tai?

  • Woven with 100% Organic Cotton, dyed with non-toxic dyes

  • Perfect for Breastfeeding

  • Useful for front, hip or back carries

  • Made in Fair Trade

Additional Features:

  • Appropriate for newborn babies up to toddlers, 8-33lbs.

  • Integrated head support to stabilize baby's head when sleeping.

  • Compact, lightweight, and can be worn in all seasons.

  • Includes a special zippered bag for storage.

Infant Wearing (approximately 8-15lbs):

For infant wearing the Almondine, Caramel, Chili, Marigold, Rose Dust and Taupe carriers include an infant insert while the Campanula, Black Beans, Grey Sage, Pineapple, Moonshadow, Grape and Wasabi include a sizing strap.   


Shoulder straps are 78" long and the waistband is 80" long.


Woven 100% Organic Cotton and non-toxic dyes.


Fair Trade Project in India


BB-Tai is modeled after the traditional Chinese carrier called a Meh Dai (Cantonese) or a Bei Dai (Mandarin). Traditionally, they are panels of fabric with straps on the top and bottom.