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Tandem Wrapping

Whether you only have one wrap, or are looking for a quick way to get your babies up without having to lug around a bag full of wraps/carriers, tandem wrapping is a a great option for getting wrap snuggles without all the bulk. 

 Tekhni Persephone Pumpkin   

Tekhni Persephone Pumpkin



Feeling confident with the carry you choose to tandem with before adding a second baby to the mix can take a lot of stress off of you as you wear, and also ensure that both babies are secure

Be cautious of the type of wrap that you use for each type of carry. (Remember no stretchies for back carries!) 

Tandem Front Carries: 

  • When tandem wrapping newborn twins, especially preemies, be sure to inquire with a babywearing educator to ensure that your babies are ready to be worn
  • Practicing the carry with dolls or stuffed animals before wrapping your babies can help make learning the carry easier
 Tandem FWCC in Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Chronos

Tandem FWCC in Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Chronos

tandem hip carries: 

  • Spreading the passes over your shoulders is key to helping distribute your baby's weight along your body. Keep in mind that the shoulders correspond to the baby on the opposite side. (I.e. if baby is on the left hip, spreading the right shoulder will distribute their weight.)
  • Be mindful of whether the carry you are using is an independent carry or not. (I.e. if you take one baby out, does it affect the other one?) 
 Amanda's Tandem Hip Carry in a DIY Osnaburg

Amanda's Tandem Hip Carry in a DIY Osnaburg

front/back tandem carries:

  •  it is important to make sure that your back carry is securely tied off. This not only ensures that your back baby will be secure, but also mimics the effects of two wearing in two separate carries/wraps. 
  • The size of the wrap that you will need to tandem wrap will depend on a few factors, including your base size, the size of your wrappees, and of course what carry you would like to do. It is possible to tandem wrap with a size 4 and up pending the factors listed above. 
  • Be sure to know your back carrying best practices for front/back tandem wrapping. Practice over a bed until you are familiar and fluid with the carry. 
  • You can wrap a baby on your back before they can sit unassisted (unlike other wearing alternatives), however it is highly advisable to seek assistance if you do not have wearing experience.
  • Putting your heavier baby on your back can help keep you more balanced and stable while you are wearing
 HJBC/FCC in Nunamoochie Anya

HJBC/FCC in Nunamoochie Anya

 2 Wrap tandem in DIY Osnaburg Wraps/Hand Dyed

2 Wrap tandem in DIY Osnaburg Wraps/Hand Dyed