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Tandeming Wearing With 2 SSCs

Back: Anmol Bhamini Khaki (Standard)/ Front: Anmol Amorita (Toddler) 

Back: Anmol Bhamini Khaki (Standard)/ Front: Anmol Amorita (Toddler) 

Wearing two separate soft structured carriers (SSCs)  is an option for different aged children. Having two separate carriers can make it easy when you have a someone else around who is also into wearing, or if you want to have the option to have different prints on each side. 

Action Baby Carrier (Giveaway- IBW 2015) 

Action Baby Carrier (Giveaway- IBW 2015) 


  • Be sure to note the padding of the shoulder straps when selecting carriers to tandem with since you are likely going to stack the straps of each carrier on top of the other

  • Know what you are looking for in a carrier (i.e. key rings, hoods, etc). This will make it easier for you in so many ways down the road

  • You can tandem wear children of different ages so long as you use the proper carrier/accessories for a younger baby (Don't forget your best practices for back carries!) 

  • Putting your heavier baby on your back can help keep you more balanced and stable while you are wearing