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Tandem Wrap and Carrier Combos

Whether you only have one wrap and one carrier in your stash, or are looking for a combination that accommodates different (or same) aged children, the wrap/carrier combo options almost feel endless


  • Use a wrap on the back for longer "rides" and the SSC (soft structured carrier) on the front for quick ups and downs
  • Tie a poppable carry with a wrap on the front/ SSC on the back for quick ups and downs on both sides
  • Pretie a carry on the front before putting back baby in the carrier; Remember the wrap should go between you and back baby, NOT OVER back baby
  • Poppable front carries make it easier to take baby in and out and also make nursing more accessible 
  • Know the features of your carrier before hand to make it easier to use while you tandem wear
  • Practice the wrapping the carry a few times to get a feel for how everything works, and hold, before adding a second baby to the mix