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Gentle Parenting twins teaches you effective alternatives to mainstream parenting and how to incorporate it into your everyday parenting life.

Tandem FWCC (For Newborn Twins)

TANDEM FWCC TUTORIAL  (for newborn twins) 

*This is the tandem variation of FWCC*

DIY Osnaburg Wrap 

DIY Osnaburg Wrap 

What more can be said about this carry besides "I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!! I practiced this carry in my late pregnancy days, huge belly and all (while on bedrest lol), although This was the second carry that I tried with the girls.  (Our first carry was the Tandem PWCC. I wasn't a HUGE fan, but mostly bc I think I didn't know enough about babywearing when I tried it out. Read more about my experiences with both of these carries.) 

When the girls were first born, the majority of the time we were doing KANGAROO CARE, and it made no sense to not wrap them up. Whether tandem or one at a time, babywearing gave the same effect/feel of having babies laying on my chest but with FREE HANDS!! (nd you can still get some skin to skin action in while wearing!Mobys/ stretchies are ok with this carry, but just be caution about the stretch in the material and how the weight of your babies can affect the stretch over time. And if you use a woven you will want a size 7+.  

*if you have premature babies, please consult with your physician before wearing. Thing such as muscle tone, low birth weight, etc can play a factor in safety. 

Wrapsody StretchHybrid Chronos

Wrapsody StretchHybrid Chronos


  • Learning the “single baby” variation, FWCC, (ring variation) can help you get a better handle on mastering this wrap! (This carry is typically done with a size 5 woven wrap)
  • When tandem wearing, you can position your babies heads as far apart as they need to be, but be aware that they will more then likely end up head to head! (The girls ALWAYS did this!) Be sure to make sure their airways are open and that they are getting some fresh air (they aren't breathing too much of each other's co2). Also ensure that their spines still have the natural curve.
  • Once your babies can not comfortably fit on your chest together (without hanging too much over), it’s time to move on to another carry! We went to hip carries next, but you can front back carry with a woven wrap or a MEI TAI at any age. (Be sure you have experience or help when it comes to early back carries!)

Learn how to wrap this carry

Here are more tandem variations for FWCC:

Tandem Hip FWCC Variation

Tandem Hip FWCC Variation (with good beginners tips!)