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Secure High Back Carry


A great back carry for beginners/those who want to learn how to maneuver back carries, anyone wanting to focus on learning how to spread passes across their baby while back wearing, or if you do not prefer to have ruck straps (“backpack like straps”) for your back carry.  This unique carry requires tying a half not at the center of the wearer’s front side- somewhere between the collarbone and the breasts. It really just depends on what is comfortable for the wearer.  The half-knot makes it easy to get used to the motions of taking baby off your back as well.

This carry can be done with a size 5+ (depending on the size of you and your babies). Remember NO STRETCHY WRAPS FOR BACK CARRIES. While this carry would not be too ideal for tandem wearing because of A) The half-knot in front is where your front baby’s head would ideally be and B) If you decide to distribute the weight across your shoulders by spreading the wrap over them/cupping the shoulders, it may pose a difficult or uncomfortable task to have another carrier over that material, it could be used in a pinch. 


  • Take advantage of the half knot not requiring you to have to pin the tails while wrapping to hold tension
  • Go over the first leg and under the second one with the first tail
  • Fold (“sandwich”) or flatted the tail that is not spread across baby’s back to prevent digging and uncomfortable pressure while wearing
  • Use your elbow to help guide the wrap and spread the pass over your baby’s back
  • Take advantage of the half-knot while taking baby down; after unwrapping the carry down to the half-knot, you really get a feel for/learn the motions of taking baby off the back by guiding baby around your hips and to the front while being securely held with the half-knot