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Find me in (mostly) the Atlanta area spreading and sharing the babywearing/attachment love! If you have questions, comments, or would like to inquire about securing services for your family or business, please feel free to contact me via the form provided below! 

Why Close Contact Parenting Consultancy? 

Topics of education and services provided for one time consultations include: 
-Information about why hands free, close contact parenting is a safe and healthy route for the whole family
-The benefits of close contact and babywearing for your infant AND you
-An in depth exploration of the various types of wraps and carriers
-Hands on learning and help with trying wraps and carriers

*2 hour consult :where you are in your parenting journey: what are your concerns, goals, and tentative obstacles, etc? Additionally, we will discuss the different types of carriers and find the one(s) that will work best for your needs, your baby, and you!
*3 hour consult: 2 hour consult PLUS more in depth planning/ strategizing for the inevitable with baby and more in depth hands-on experience and education with wraps and carriers.  This consult also goes over back carries and allows more time for try ons and fit adjustments
**These consults are flexible in regards to info that is provided/covered and can be tailored to meet your specific wearing needs

Triple Consult Package: 
-Prenatal Consultation (2.5 hours): consult covers where you are in your parenting journey: what are your concerns, goals, and tentative obstacles, etc? Additionally, we will discuss more in depth info and hands on experience with how to adjust to incorporating a new baby into daily life.  There will also be time to try on a variety of carriers and fit adjustment. 

-Postnatal Consultation (2.5 hours): Includes a review and refresher of prenatal consultation. We will discuss what your strengths and struggles have been since welcoming baby and practice with new baby of carrier/wrap options that may best meet your needs. (While I cannot provide medical advice, discussions about concerns outside of babywearing are welcome as well)

-Follow-up Consultation: Suggested for a few months after postnatal consult to incorporate baby's new and upcoming milestones into wearing experiences and address any troubleshooting issues; Refresher/follow up education about other carriers/wraps of interest (if necessary)

Follow-up consultations include: 
-Back carries
-Follow-up with carrier/wrap knowledge and use
-Troubleshooting issues
-Education about other carriers/wraps of interest 

-Mini Consultation: 30-60 minute personalized consult; inquire for more details

Drop-In Minute Clinics* include:
-Troubleshooting help
-Education about a particular type of wrap/carrier of interest

*Drop-In Clinics will be held in designated spaces. Right now you can find me at The Atlanta Birth Center following Motherwise Support Group, and before the Meet the Midwives and Atlanta Birth Center Tour (the second tuesday of each month!) CLICK HERE for an updated events calendar! 

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