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Robin's Hip Carry


We didn't learn this carry until after our first year was nearing an end, thanks to Vegan Babymomma's Wrapsody Baby Weekly Wrap Challenge.  This is a great poppable carry that I would have used it so much in our early days. Depending on the size of you and your baby, you can use a size 3+ woven wrap. Since this carry does not utilize the 3 passes/layers needed to keep your baby secure, stretchy wraps aren't recommended. You want to wait to use this carry until your littles have steady head control to make it easier to monitor your baby and reduce the risk of them slumping their necks/close their airways!  You can also snaz up the carry with a ring finish.

Robin's Ring Finish- Fidella Fly Tai

Robin's Ring Finish- Fidella Fly Tai


  • If you have a sling ring, use it to add a little sassy with a sling ring finish (as pictured)
  • If you are wrapping smaller babies who have limited head control, you can roll wash cloths under the top rail/ their necks for additional head support
  • Be sure as you wrap you spread the neck pass over your shoulders to account for the needed material (they don't have to stay there to whole time. Just be mindful of accounting for it). This essentially will keep the wrap from digging into your neck and also help distribute the weight evenly, leaving the carry to feel weightless.
  • This carry can be done with larger babies as well as babies who have head control
  • This carry is nursing friendly if you position it just right when you wrap 😉
  • The tandem variation MIRANDA'S TANDEM HIP CARRY is SIBLING FRIENDLY! This means that you can wear babies of two significantly different sizes! This carry is completely independent so you can take each in and out as you please without the other being affected.