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Poppin's Hip Carry


Poppin's Hip Carry is perfect for when you are looking for a happy medium between a front and back carry, or when you need a semi-poppable carry (which of course means you can pretie it!). This carry is easy to wrap and is safe to use from birth and on*. (Be sure, if wearing a younger baby, to monitor your baby to ensure slump their necks/close their airways!) Since this carry does not utilize the 3 passes/layers needed to keep your baby secure, stretchy wraps aren't recommendedYou can pre-tie this carry before you leave the house, making it simple to pop your baby in, tighten and adjust, and keep on moving!

*if you have premature babies, please consult with your physician before wearing. Thing such as muscle tone, low birth weight, etc can play a factor in safety.

DIY Chevron Ice Dyed Osnaburg

DIY Chevron Ice Dyed Osnaburg


  • Leaning this carry will greatly help when trying to master Amanda's Tandem Hip Carry- the tandem variation
  • Keeping the place where your tails meet and "hook" should be relatively high (around "corsage level") This will keep baby secure
  • Spread the shoulder pass WHILE WRAPPING to prevent the wrap from digging into your neck later on (it doesn't have to stay in place the entire time you are wrapping, just take that material into account)
  • I find that I do have to pull the slack out periodically while wearing (ESPECIALLY if my baby is active), but that's an easy fix! Just pull the slack through the tails and retie!
  • For smaller babies/wiggle worm, spread the pass over baby's back to reinforce the carry
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Learn how to wrap this carry

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