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Half Jordan's Back Carry (HJBC)

HJBC Video


HJBC BOOTSHJBC is SO perfect for when you are still learning back carries, but want to step it up just a notch from the basic RUCK. It provides you with one reinforcing pass, which helps keep more "active" babies in place, without having to do "too much" work. That pass will help keep your babies still without me having to do too much work in the parking lot! You want to wait to use this carry until your littles can sit unassisted OR if/when you have experience (or experienced help) with back carries in a woven wrap. (You can find a local babywearing group HERE; read more about back carrying safety HERE) MOBYS/STRETCHIES ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY BACK CARRY!!  This carry is great for pretty much anything.  AND, you can use this carry to wear babies of different sized! Does it get any better than that?


  • Practice a few times with a weighted doll or bear. True its a VERY different thing, BUT you can get an idea of how to spread the pass over your back!
  • Great with a size 3. As a twin mom I prefer a Size 4! (I can wrap and be ready for my second baby at anytime... OR  I can get snazzy with my tie off!
  • Candy Cane Chest Belt (CCCB) is a GREAT way to finish off this carry!
  • Use your elbow to provide tension to help LIFT the wrap over baby's back!
  • I like to pull the bottom rail down (of the pass going over the back... after you flip the shoulder) and hold it taught while I pull the slack out so that I can make a second seat (this helps keep babe secure!)
  • The LESS stressed you are, the EASIER it will be for you and baby to find your deep seats and free snuggles and cuddles!
  • This carry is SIBLING FRIENDLY! This means that you can wear babies of two significantly different sizes! This carry is completely independent so you can take each in and out as you please without the other being affected. (DISCLAIMER: I personally recommend



HJBCpartycity half-jordans-back-carry-tied-at-shoulder-with-a-rebozo-pass

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