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Is There A Babywearing Group Around Me?


When starting out in the babywearing world, it's never bad to have some experienced help, but that help can often times be hard to find! (Not all babywearing groups are BWI affiliated, and the local ones can be harder to find!) Don't forget about babywearing groups on FB! They are also another great way to connect with fellow BW moms! And don't forget about YOUTUBE! (That's how I learned how to babywear before!)

To find a Center for Babywearing Studies trained or certified babywearing consultant near you CLICK HERE!

As a fellow Volunteer Babywearing Educator (VBE) once said:  “It’s kinda like snowboarding. You aren’t going to watch a few videos and the strap on a board and hit the advanced slopes! There is a LOT to learn”

Here are some links that can help you find a babywearing group/ lending library local to you:

And this is a great resource as well for everything BW: