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Twin Skin Test Group- It Works

As part of my “New Year, New Start,” one of my goals was to better myself mind, body, and soul. I kicked off the year by making lifestyle changes like: eating cleaner, ditching the coffee and sodas (and switching to herbal teas), increasing my water intake, exercising, and using ESSENTIAL OILS. So, I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to be a part of Lindsay Mac Fitness: Toned After Twins Official “Twin Skin Test Group” and have the opportunity to try out “that crazy wrap thing!”


The results from one wrap progress over 72 hours, so there is no need to use them daily. You can choose to use your subsequent treatments either after the 3 days have passed, or wait one week. It’s completely up to you and how fast you want to see your results! (I opted to wait a week in between my treatments.) Taking a hot shower before use helps clear any barriers that may prevent the botanical cream from fully absorbing into your skin. (If you dont have time for a shower, thoroughly wipe the area!) There is usually a little excess still on the wrap and on you when you take it off, so I rubbed it in on the rest of my midsection area.

 I love how easy they are to use, and how quickly I see results. There are so many awesome things that I came to love about these wraps, on top of getting back into my pre-baby clothes within a matter of only 3 weeks! Not only did I notice a DRASTIC difference in my tummy area, but my stretch marks and c-section scar had noticeably faded. And, let’s not forget about those pesky and stubborn love handles. I have spent my whole teenage life (and beyond) trying to get rid of the “backfat” that hung over my non-existent hips. I’ve tried everything, target core exercises, the belly bands, changing/improving my diet and fluid intake and NOTHING has kept that muffin from falling over the top (of my pants). Until now. I actually can SEE the curve that is supposed to be there, and I LOVE the way I look in fitted tops! And for the first time in over 2 years, I’m not rocking the fluffy teddy bear look under them! (and that makes EVERYONE happy because now I don’t change shirts 30 times before we leave the house now!)


On top of TIGHTENING and TONING, the lifestyle changes that using It Works brought around were rather surprising. Because you are nourishing and deeply hydrating your skin, you do not want to add toxins and chemicals to your body. It is recommended that you drink HALF of your weight in fluid ounces of water. (So for EX: if you weigh 150lbs, you should drink 75 oz min.) This was just the kick in the mommy butt I needed to make that “drink more water resolution” happen this year. When I would drink my water with the wrap on, I could FEEL the cream working. And knowing that it was helping flush out those toxins, I was EXTREMELY motivated to drink more water. Now since the cream still works for 3 days, you need to maintain that water intake, so needless to say I’m now a HUGE fan of drinking water. I know that it’s good for me anyways, but I’ve always prefered my sweet tea and rootbeer. But seeing the difference it was making kept me going back to the fridge to fill up my cup, not pop open a can.


On top of the increased water intake, seeing these results (and reminiscing about the days of short shorts and cute tanks) motivated me to get back to the babywearing walks grind! I felt SO great about the changes I was starting to see in the mirror and I wanted to keep on doing things that would help me reach my fitness and health goals. Also, my eating habits got better, because again I am seeing these results and I want to keep them that way! I mean, you wouldn’t leave the gym and head straight for McDonalds right?

Overall, I now understand what all the rave is about “that crazy wrap thing.” I WILL be using them again right before summer is in full swing. (Because just like with ANY regimen that improves your health, you can’t just be one and done. It’s not like you would stop eating healthy because you lost some weight, so why would this be any different? The only word of caution I leave you with is this: If you are a nursing mother, consult your physician. I personally did not nurse the twincesses for 72 hours after I used the treatments. Keep in mind I nurse toddlers now so I can go a day or 2 without drying up. I hand expressed in the shower daily to make sure my milkies knew they weren’t supposed to stop flowing just yet, and of course we thoroughly enjoyed long nursing sessions after that time was up. (Well, they enjoyed the nursing. I enjoyed the opportunity to relax and enjoy the bonding time. And occasional nap lol).

For more information on how to get your wraps today visit GET SKINNY by JULIE on FACEBOOK, or check out her WEBSITE! For more information on healthy living and fitness fun check out Lindsay Mac Fitness: Toned After Twins and give her a friendly like on FACEBOOKtoo!