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Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)



FWCC w/ Wrapsody Baby Stretch Hybrid Brigid

The FWCC (front wrap cross carry) is a great carry when u need a quick up, to nurse, or are out of the house (since you can "pretie" it before you leave and just pop baby in when your get to where you need to be with minimal adjustments-aka it's a "semi poppable" carry.) You don’t need to wait to use this carry! It is safe to use from birth and on*. (Be sure, if wearing a younger baby, to monitor your baby to ensure slump their necks/close their airways!) MOBYS/STRETCHIES ARE SUITABLE FOR THIS CARRY!! (Just be sure to secure all the passes/layers over your baby(ies)!

*if you have premature babies, please consult with your physician before wearing. Thing such as muscle tone, low birth weight, etc can play a factor in safety.



  • If you are wanting to learn the tandem variation, this “single baby” variation will  help you get a better handle on mastering this wrap! (The tandem carry is typically done with a size 7 woven wrap or a stretchy wrap.)
  • Spreading the passes over smaller babies back gives them the EXTRA SUPPORT that they really need! (So obviously, leaving them bunched is better for when they can hold their heads/sit up.. but these are all just IMO!)
  • Use a size 5 or larger!
  • This is a GREAT carry to pretie and use as part of a 2 piece tandem carry (NOTE: DO NOT THREAD WRAPS THROUGH CARRIERS UNLESS IT IS EXPLICITLY STATED THAT THE STRAPS HAVE BEEN REINFORCED FOR THIS PURPOSE!!!! Otherwise the straps may snap!)
  • When using a woven, don't over stretch the shoulders over your shoulder blades. Keep them gathered, flat, and tight, but not bunchy!
  • Relatively poppable (just make sure to retighten the wrap when popping back in!)
  • The LESS stressed you are, the EASIER it will be for you and baby to find your deep seats and free snuggles and cuddles!

Here's how to FWCC with one baby!

(This was our first ever video to YouTube! SO tiny!!!!! EEEK!)