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Front Cross Carry (FCC)


The FCC is a simpler version of the FWCC. It is almost identical except for that there is no direct horizontal pass to put baby in and make a seat with. This carry can be"pre-tied" and is poppable- meaning that you can take your baby in and out as you please with minimal to no readjusting/re-tying required. (Safety checks are always a must, and some minor slack adjustment may be in order from time to time, depending on your wrap.) It's a perfect carry if you want to nurse discreetly, or for hotter weather, because it does not have a lot of layers. 

*if you have premature babies, please consult with your physician before wearing. Thing such as muscle tone, low birth weight, etc can play a factor in safety.


  • Use this carry for when your wrappee may need constant up and downs
  • Make sure that you spread the passes from knee to opposite shoulder
  • Use a shoulder flip to help keep the wrap from digging into your neck
  • Use this carry for tandem carries- especially for other types of carriers
  • For longer wraps, wrap the tail around to the front your waist before tying off

Here is how to wrap this carry: