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Coolest Hip Cross Carry (CHCC)


This hip carry is a great way to be ready for anything. The slipknot allows you to adjust the carry to take baby in and out with ease, making it great for wrappees that need frequent or quick up/downs. Most wearers need a size 4 for this carry. (Remember that the size wrap that you need will depend on the size of you and your baby.) This is a very nursing friendly carry too! Since this carry does not utilize the 3 passes/layers needed to keep your baby secure, stretchy wraps aren't recommended.


  • Get snazzy with a long wraps tails by doing a twist and tucking it under your carry
  • Practice the slipknot with a scarf to help you master this carry (this knot skill can also come in handy for other carries down the road)
  • You can pretie this carry and wear it while your baby wants/need to be down
  • You can tighten slack out of the wrap, by pulling the corresponding strands (sections of wrap) through the slipknot
  • You can also do a "inside out CHCC" variation 

Here are a few pictures of us sporting FCC:


Learn how to wrap this carry