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The Naked Nursing Tank Review


The Naked Nursing Tank Review


Why Naked Nursing Tank?

Breastfeeding can often times put a limit on your wardrobe. Nursing bras, nursing tanks, and of course being able to have immediate access to "nurse on demand," can make it hard to wear what you want, when you want to. I have never officially owned nursing "accessories," and always just made do with what I had: bralettes and spaghetti strap tank tops. The biggest challenge when nursing outside the comfort and privacy of my own home? Being able to freely nurse with minimal muss and fuss and without worrying about flashing my belly. (Not to say I don't love myself, but rather that it took time to learn to love my new mommy body.) If only I would have found these tanks 2.5 years ago.... 

My thoughts before trying it:  When I saw The Naked Tank I was almost certain that it was one of those "too good to be true" products. Sure it goes under your breasts/bra so that you can avoid the extra stress of having to fidget with anything other than your bra, but surely it wouldn't stay in place and eventually become a pain right? How much of a game changer could this really be? 

I've always used the "layering system" when it comes to nursing- especially in public. The downside to that is the extra layer that goes over my bra (which is really two layers because of the built-in-bra feature). Instead of just lifting my shirt and being able to have direct access for my girls to go "boobin" (as they call it), I would have to deal with getting my tank top under my bra, getting the bra itself situated, and THEN be able to focus on getting the girls get latched on. On top of all that, keep in mind that I had a hungry (and often times impatient, cranky, crying) baby or two on my hands. And, then add to the mix a bunch of strangers around me and not being in the comfort of my own home. Breastfeeding is stressful enough, and at times like these, giving a bottle seemed like an easier, less stressful solution, even though it was not my preferred solution.

My experiences: The Naked Nursing Tank comes in either cotton or bamboo. (I have the bamboo tank.) The bamboo is very soft to the touch and has a nice stretch to it, which makes it a more viable option for expecting moms.

The Naked Tank’s breathable Bamboo Luxury Line also allows you to wear the tank throughout your pregnancy as a belly band –and it maintains its original shape after washing to wear with your shrinking post-partum figure while you nurse.

This tank was love at first wear. It made it possible to get the "no muss no fuss" nursing situation I was looking for with the spaghetti strap tops. This tank took away the problem of not being able to wear something because it wasn't "nursing friendly" and I didn't have to worry about fighting my clothes in order to get my baby nourished on the spot. One of the best parts about using this tank is that you are in control of the support you get (because you get to wear the bra of your choice) and there are no issues about "Will my boobs fit in this tank?" (I am a 32DDD and I usually have to go up a size when I buy shirts to ensure that everything fits properly.) This tank takes one more headache off your plate, if you follow their sizing chart, and what breastfeeding mom can't use a little break? 

So far: It's only been a few weeks, but I can't get enough of this tank! I love that I can still do the "layered thing," only now I don't have to worry about getting that extra (double) layer back in place when my girls are done.  The girls (now only N) have always been really good about "putting the milkies back" when they are done, which is awesome. But in the past they didn't know how to pull my spaghetti strap top over my bra and put it back into place, and usually just pulled my shirt back down (leaving me hanging out there, just flopping around). While their intentions were good, I found it to be more work in the long run because I would have to stop, rearrange my bra, rearrange and reposition my tank top, and THEN get that top shirt/layer back into place. WHEW! Now I just have to worry about them pulling my shirt down and doing a quick "pop goes the boob back in the bra" move. Just because I am a breastfeeding mother does not mean I should be unable to wear what I want when I want to! 

This tank is a great thing to have handy if you are a nursing or expecting mom, and makes for a great baby shower gift! It has truly made my nursing experiences less stressful and more enjoyable!