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Gentle Parenting twins teaches you effective alternatives to mainstream parenting and how to incorporate it into your everyday parenting life.

"Starting Solids" as seen in Multiplicity Magazine


"Starting Solids" as seen in Multiplicity Magazine


When it comes to the world of solids, it can be such an overwhelming bridge to cross. Read more about tips for starting solids in the Spring Issue of MULTIPLICITY MAGAZINE from yours truly! 

Multiplicity’s spring issue is loaded with tips on keeping your family safe! From things to consider for sleepovers and summer camps, tips for being around the water, and how to read food labels in offering the best to help your kids grow, we’ve got you covered. We also feature fashion, tips for taking care of you, recipes, and great products to help you enjoy the spring and all its fun!
— -Multiplicity Magazine

This article was originally published in MULTIPLICITY MAGAZINE.
Please click the link for direct access to it and the rest of the Spring Issue. 

Find the full Spring Issue of MULTIPLICITY MAGAZINE HERE

Stay tuned to for more information about starting solids, toddler eating habits, recipes and more food fun, in addition to more info about effective alternatives to mainstream parenting! 
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