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Tekhni Persephone Pumpkin

MY FIRST TEKHNI!!!!! The all caps can’t even begin to virtually relay the excitement I couldn’t contain when the best UPS guy ever knocked on my door with this box! I’ve been drooling over Tekhni wraps for months! I’ve heard so many awesome things about them, and their prints are always to die for. The fact that my first Tekhni was going to be a repreve blend was exciting and intimidating all at the same time. (If you know me, you know I’m all about going green!) Nonetheless, it was breathtaking and we ALL squealed when we saw it!


When first unpacking this wrap, it felt SO heavy and intimidating, mind you it’s been awhile since I’ve had a size 6! The thickness of the wrap almost made me break out into a sweat. BUT, keeping in mind that first impressions are rarely lasting ones in the babywearing world, our excitement was not swayed. The first true test of comfort for US is to go for one of our long, “get lost in thought” babywearing walks. We decided to shake things up and try a pirate carry (RRRR-Reinforced rear rebozo rucksack) with a FCC (front cross carry) to finish it up!
Even though it was the first time I wrapped this carry, it was obvious that this wrap was not broken in. I had to really work with the wrap to get my passes spread on the back. But for the texture, I didn’t have to fight as hard as I had prepared myself for.

pumpkin specs.jpg

One thing that I wish I would have known before I felt my way out with this wrap is how bulky my knots were going to be. It’s not necessarily that they were diggy, as much as they were BULKY and tough to tie. The wrap itself was one that required patience and extra love and tenderness when in the middle of a job. It molded nearly perfect to every nook and curve, however getting the wrap placed just right was the bigger trick to master. The wrap did not glide as smoothly as I am used to, BUT it is important to keep in mind that this wrap came to us NOT broken in. AFTER 1.5 HOURS of low heat steaming, a braid or 2, and more low heat streaming, the wrapping came more with ease*. The denseness had cut nearly in half, and the passes were not as stubborn as before!
(*PLEASE NOTE: with Repreve blends it is important to iron on LOW HEAT. I placed it on the lowest setting for steam and used a thin sheet to cover the wrap as I ironed the majority of the time. Thinner blends of repreve do not encourage braiding to prevent thread shifting, but this wrap is the thickest of the repreve blends, and also made of cotton, so I wanted to give it a stab)

pumpkin checklist.jpg

The wrap is 45% cotton/ 55% repreve. It is surprisingly breathable and lightweight while you wrap, proving the first impression of heavy WRONG! It’s wool-like texture made me feel like we were going to be hot the whole time, even in our cool Ga early spring weather, BUT it actually kept us dry and cool! The one thing I would note for anyone not experienced with this blend is to be sure that you don’t leave a lot of the material bunched up against you skin. The wrap is SO awesome at keeping its wearer/wearees dry that if you leave it bunched against you, it WILL wick moisture onto you and leave you with a sweatband when you all is said and done. (I honestly don’t know if this wrap would make the full cut during our full blown GA heat. For now, I want to say…. no. But, only time will tell.. I hope!)

The final test and “cut” this wrap DID make is one of the most important to me. The 7 year old wrap test. The width of this wrap allowed me to MORE THAN comfortably put her on my back. The depth of the seat made it comfortable and secure enough for me to successfully attempt more than a basic rucksack back carry, let alone consider wrapping such a fancy carry with her. The only thing I will never stop kicking myself about that made this experience less than perfect? I FORGOT MY RINGS!!! Had I brought them with me, I would have had her tied off in a matter of seconds. Instead, I had to get a little help from her mom to make sure everything was secure, because eventually attempting the knot got to be too sweat breaking and nerve wrecking.
The best part of being able to wrap her up is getting to converse with her about the things that she does/doesn’t like about the wrap we are trying. This time she said: “Payal, this wrap is SO soft! And I am SO comfortable! I could go to sleep on your back and stay here all day.” Now true, she loves ALL the wraps. BUT, what made this her love Persephone Pumpkin is that it is rare to none chances that she gets to relax in a DEEP seat with enough wrap to still pull it up all the way over her back up to her armpits. And with that chest belt from the double hammock, her weight is evenly distributed on me in more place than one. What’s not to love?

The only word of caution with this wrap? The texture, weight, and width is enough to intimidate even the more seasoned wearers out there if they are out of tune with their long wrapping skills and wrapping with a new blend. But just like when anyone ventures out to try new things in the babywearing world, you will break a sweat (or some tears. Maybe both?), have to start and restart a few times, and you will probably mutter some choice words under your breath a time or two. But that’s all part of the fun of being a babywearing momma right? I look forward to taking another stab with a Persephone Repreve again! The love is there! I just need the practice to make it perfect!

Wrapees: 25ish lbs each
Made from 55% cotton, 45% Repreve
Weight: approx 290gsm


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