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Tekhni Olympos Thistle

From the moment I saw this wrap up for pre-release sale, I have drooled! This is the only wrap I have ever wanted to snuggle in before we ended our babywearing journey. And here is proof that dreams do come true!

thistle main.jpg

When this wrap came to us, we were having a downer day. so needless to say that finding it an hour before scheduled delivery fixed that right up! As I opened the package, I could tell from the first touch that this wrap was going to be snuggly enough for my 4 month old nephew, yet strong enough to hold my 50+ lbs of toddler twincesses.  Just by looking at it I could tell the width was long enough to comfortably tandem wrap without being overwhelming.

Since it is 100% cotton, it is nice and soft to the touch, yet thick enough to reassure you of it’s support. It is not thick enough to make knot tying bulky or difficult, but with the colors, it’s hard to resist adding some fun and colorful sling rings in the mix. I was surprised to find that my medium sized nylon rings worked so well, given the thickness/grippiness of this wrap. (The nylon rings are a little thicker than the aluminum. They actually worked better than my large aluminum rings to be honest.)

thistle specs.jpg

And even though this wrap is a little on the heavier side, it is still great for our GA heat. Actually, the wrap was surprisingly cool for how thick it was. (The texture throws me be too, because to the touch the wrap seems like it would be hot.) When we went for longer walks I did find a few spots after unwrapping where the sweat had gotten to us underneath, but keep in mind I am in ATL, GA and the humidity shows no mercy. And we also walk about 2.5-3.5 miles. When it came to a more “everyday affair” like tandem babywearing at MommyCon, it was great.

When wrapping multipass carries, this wrap doesn’t “glide like butter,” but it definitely does not make you work for it. It’s the perfect medium for beginners who want to be well versed in different blends and wraps later on down the road. I enjoyed being able to easily wrap all our favorite carries with ease. I found the Amanda's tandem hip carry slightly difficult to get situated, but that does have to do with the fact that they were pretty squirmy the few times that I tried to wrap the carry and again, and that the wrap is a bit more on the grippy side.

thistle checklist.jpg

The support, however, is GREAT. There was one instance when my girls REFUSED to be wrapped (MommyCon) and of course I chose the hip carry. After all the squirming, the wrap eventually made its way just an inch or 2 below M’s armpits (armpits=where the wrap SHOULD be), and while I do not advocate, encourage, or advise wearing ANY baby without following babywearing safety guidelines, I can say that for the few minutes we were up in that carry (long enough to take a selfie with Alisa and then get back down), M was beyond secure and she didn’t stand a chance to get out.

I would not choose to wear a newborn, or any baby that could not sit assisted, with this wrap just because of the thickness and the width. With tandem front wearing smaller twins, I think because of the support, this would be a good option for experienced wearers who know how to be cautious of the thickness and their itty bitties. It was great for my friend who back carried for the second time ever with one of her 7 month (4 adjusted) twins, and perfect for a 4 month old in a FWCC.

I can’t tell you how sad I was to see Thistle go, and I hope we meet again some day…..


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