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Tekhni Colonnade Twilight

I have always love purple, I have always love wraps, and I have ALWAYS LOVED TEKHNI! What more could a girl as for than to get a 3 for 1 deal? Not to mention all in a bag of fluff mail! 

From the moment I laid hands on this piece of soft and fluffy goodness, I could tell it was going to be hard to part ways with. This wrap came to me broken in (thankfully!) and was love at first sight. Since it was a size 4, I knew that tandem carries were going to be limited, given the fact that we have grown and are now too big for a size 4 front/back tandem carry, but that didn’t stop me from diving in headfirst.

The very first thing that I KNEW I HAD TO try was Jasmines Tandem Hip Carry. It is very similar to the concept of a DIY ring sling, tandem style. I had NEVER been able to successfully nail this carry for the 10 months, and 3 different wraps, I have attempted it in. I was told by a fellow tandem babywearer that this particular carry is all dependent on the wrap that you try to master it with. And oh boy was she right!

twilight specs.jpg

This wrap was thin and floppy enough to get the job done just right with. While initially, I panicked because I couldn’t “slack nazi” the middle part of the carry, I noticed that it provided enough support to not have to sweat it as much as with Amanda’s Tandem Hip Carry. My 50ish pounds of toddler were secure and did not sag throughout the duration of this carry.

While this was the only tandem carry I attempted with the girls, Colonnade Twilight didn’t stop there! I used it next to front carry in a 2 wrap tandem, which is not my first choice of wrapping options usually. I did a double hammock back carry and threaded colonnade through the ruck straps. And the support that this wrap offers with no reinforcing passes surpassed expectations! No sagging or shifting! Even with a squirmy “need to touch everything we pass” toddler on a 3+ mile walk!

The best part of this wrap are the single baby snuggles. My go to quick up for one baby is Poppins Hip Carry. This wrap made it extra easy to pop my baby in and out while we went estate sale hopping because of the diagonal stretch it has to offer. (Which is also what makes it bouncy.)

My favorite were the deep back snuggles that I got. This wrap is more than wide enough to get a nice, deep seat with a squirmy, sleep fighting toddler and keep it! I went full on Jordan’s Back Carry with her. Because of the stretch and bounce this wrap had to offer, I wanted to make sure that she was nice and extra secure since she was bound to be flailing at some point in time.  She was more than secure enough to fall asleep on my back within a matter of 15 minutes.

The main downside to this wrap is the maintenance. It is VERY snag and pull prone due to the pattern of the weave. I would not recommend this for wrappers who are just starting out or who like to sport longer nails or rings on their fingers. It is the perfect medium for texture. The basket weave is tricky, but is perfect if you are looking for something that you can pretie a poppable carry in (because again, it offers stretch and bounce). If you aren’t careful though, the maintenance WILL catch up to you. But if you are seasoned enough to know how to prevent pulls and snags, YOU WANT THIS WRAP IN YOUR STASH!

Wrapees: 25ish lbs each
Made from 100% mercerized cotton
Weight: approx 255gsm


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