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Pink Nova Cherry Chapstick Kiss

I have always heard great things about linen wraps, but never knew what to expect since I didn’t have much experience with linen in general. This wrap, like all of the rest, has its ups and downs, but overall I loved it for our humid Atlanta heat. My most favorite part of this wrap is the endless amount of fun I had exploring new and different ways to finish my favorite carries. Why? Because it’s virtually impossible to not want show off the “wrong side” of this wrap. The coolest part is that it is made of pink and purple threads (not white!). The kisses give the wrap a bit of a textured feel, even when semi-fresh out of the box. From infancy through toddlerhood, this wrap is a solid choice for anyone looking for something that is going to love them in return for the love it is shown. (aka: you are going to be in for some breaking in).

This wrap is too gorgeous and fun for words. The kisses on this wrap will lift your mood, no matter how low or frustrated you may be. There was never a moment I didn’t feel both classy and sassy when I was wrapped in Cherry Chapstick Kiss. Since this wrap came to us still new and stiff, it took a little more time and patience to get everything in the right place while wrapping. (I would LOVE to try it again after it was more broken in. I imagine it would become softer and less stiff, without losing it’s solidarity.) I typically go for a multilayer pass carry because, well let’s face it… toddlerhood. With Cherry Chapstick Kiss, I knew that they stood no chance no matter WHAT carry I chose, or how many layers I wrapped around them. From a RUCK (no passes) to the DOUBLE HAMMOCK (3 passes), once your baby is in, they aren’t going anywhere!

While feeling out and loving on this wrap, I was SO motivated to explore more finishes, and carries, that would allow me to show off the elegance and intricacy of the “wrong” and “right” side. I am SUCH a sucker for these kinds of wraps, and the endless "finish" possibilities alone make this wrap worth investing in. I started really experimenting with my slip knots with this wrap, and loved how solid it knotted, but how easy it was to adjust. (That was my sign that after being broken in, she would become less cumbersome.) But, with the leg work comes the maintenance. Keep in mind that while linen is easy to care for, it can be slightly time consuming because it wrinkles easily. BUT, what mom isn’t looking for an excuse to pop on Netflix for a bit, pour a glass of wine, and iron love on their wrap? Exactly.

This wrap is nice and wide, making it a flexible choice if you have to wear littles of different ages. For me, the bigger the wrapee, the more work I had to put in. (Which makes sense, because the bigger the babe the wider it was for me to wrap around them.) But again, this wrap was so fresh. I am sure that with more love, wearing, and ironing the passes will become easier to work with. -Like I said, she’s only going to give you back what you put in.  Our most favorite feature of this wrap is how cooling the blend is. When we went for our first tandem walk around the neighborhood in it, I didn’t take the umbrella, and it was pretty warm and sunny. I expected, based off the thickness of the wrap/weave of the kisses, that we would not be out very long thanks to the high temperatures and slight humidity. (In case you have never been here, Atlanta is STICKY!) This wrap left us cool and ready for more. It just goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover because there have been thin wraps you expect to be cool that have left me literally sweaty.

Overall, my twin budget wouldn’t allow me to add this wrap to my stash now, but if you are looking for something that you are going to grow with AND into, and you don’t mind putting in a little extra time to love and care for it, this a great option to consider. I thoroughly enjoyed the way it made me feel, even in my mommy ponytail and 3 day old (leftover) mascara. The girls LOVED the print, which made getting them up and set a breeze.

(You can see how excited the girls were to open her in the video below!)

Made from 62% Egyptian cotton/ 32% Belgium Linen
Weight:  240 g/m2

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