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Nunamoochie Retro

Not only does the breathtaking colorway of this wrap automatically make me think “Instant Classic,” but it wraps like butter straight out of the bag! (I can’t even imagine how soft and floppy it will be once it’s broken in!)
When NUNAMOOCHIE told me this wrap was on the way only days after it was released, I was nervous because of the rumors about the “handwoven curve*.” And YES, there is a curve to them! BUT, as long as you KNOW to expect it, your possibilities are endless.
(*Because HANDWOVEN wraps are made on a loom, they have more stretch in the weave. As you wear, it softens and molds like a t-shirt loosening up and allowing for heavier babies to relax into the carry. This does NOT mean that they are STRETCHY! It just means that the weave is LESS compressed! The end result? This wrap works WITH you to help make your wrapping experience more smooth and effortless!)


What I found to work best with my 50 lbs of toddler for our long haul treks (2.5+ miles) was using a sling ring to “tie off” (finish) my back baby. This not only helped keep her independent of my front baby, but it allowed me to readjust my back baby if she got too settled in or squirmy. (Keep in mind 50 lbs of SLEEPING toddler is a whole different ball game because it's dead weight!)
The first time we took this beauty for a spin, I went with my traditional HJBC/REBOZO carry (NO rings), and I quickly learned that not every carry works the same with every wrap. The delicateness of the hand weave causes the wrap to be more grippy and textured (mind you we were working with a BRAND NEW wrap!) which dug into my shoulders eventually. (But, that was not the wrap! It was my carry!)

And of course can’t base a decision on how “ruck worthy” a wrap is until I wrapped a 7 year old. She loved this wrap SO much that she FELL ASLEEP within a matter of 10 minutes! I did not feel her weight, and it was JUST wide enough to make her a seat without having to worry about her seat popping!

Additionally, I recommend this wrap for newborns as well! This wrap is thin and breathable enough to not have to worry about it “overwhelming” a new mom and baby. The weave of the wrap makes it easy for a new to wrapping mom to pull the slack out and nail a carry without having to fight the wrap. (Because remember, this fluffy goodness works WITH YOU!)
In my experience with NUNAMOOCHIE MEHNDI,  the thickness and narrow width of the wrap worked against us.  (GA heat and toddlers… what can you do?) I was EXTREMELY (if not beyond) impressed by the difference between the two!
Overall, I would suggest this wrap for any age, but if you have bigger wrapees, I would consider something wider IF you plan to wear for long periods of time.


Made from 100% certified organic cotton


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