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Nunamoochie Mehndi

 I am SOOOOOOOO in LOVE with the print because it represents my heritage and roots. I can’t get enough of it’s beauty and the intricacy and detail of the pattern. I could seriously cuddle with this wrap all day, whether there is a baby in it or not! And what better way to flaunt my culture AND passion for babywearing than to get to snuggle and share my heritage with MY littles in this wrap?

What we enjoyed most about this wrap was the how cushy it is, and of course the print. The beauty of my traditions really shines through when we wrap in carries that have a shoulder flip in it so both sides show. (Think HJBC/JBC type carries.) It just so happens to be that we also prefer carries with reinforcing passes, which are PERFECT for this wrap because of how easily the wrap glides over itself.
The one downside for us is that it is narrower than we are used to (since we mostly tandem wear). While I prefer this wrap for only wearing one baby, it is still a bit challenging to completely fall in love with. (Some of that is simply because this wrap is still fresh and enjoying being broken in.) While I love the taper of the tails visually, they are on the shallow side and it can be a bit of a workout to get them tied up.
This is why I would suggest a  simple double knot (if you have a good bit of tails left) or snazzying it up with a ring finish. We like our silver rings with them, but the bronze ones would probably give it more of a traditional look! A knotless finish is definitely out of the question for us at this point in time.

mehndi specs.jpg

Because this wrap is on the thicker side, I would suggest waiting until baby has enough head control to not bobble and get lost in it. I tried this out with a 7 year old and it was VERY supportive, but again WAY too narrow to keep a seat for too long. And in turn it was pretty diggy and not so weightless. Nonetheless, she still found the sleepy dust within a matter of minutes.
The support with this wrap is amazing. Being on the narrow side of average, it’s not ideal for a little that is known for leg straightening WHILE wrapping. But it will confidently combat my toddler when she gets excited and tries to jump for joy on my back while she is in a reinforced back carry.

While it is more grippy than most, it is thick and supportive and perfect for a short time carry. Because the seat is not as "deep" as we are used to getting, it is more difficult for me to pull my slack out and NOT pop the seat myself. It can be frustrating when wrapping in an emergency. (Picture a stage 5 clinger that can’t calm down until you are almost done wrapping.)
This wrap has just the right amount of stretch to make gliding reinforcing passes easy to work with, without making it feel too saggy. I LOVE wrapping a JBC with this because this wrap is woven in such a way that it pretty much does all the work for you.

Overall, this print makes the wrap IMPOSSIBLE to hate! And if you have the time, patience, and experience to invest in this wrap I’m pretty sure that you can grow to love it! As long as you have somewhere cool (<–climate) to wear it! 


Made from 100% certified organic cotton
Weight: 300 g/m2


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