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Lenny Lamb Cherry Lace

I am a sucker for wraps who’s “wrong side” gives the right side a run for it’s money. Not only does it allow for the chance to REALLY get creative with your finishes, but it provides you with a visual of exactly HOW the wrap falls into place with each pass you make. Now top all of that off by making it all in a thin jacquard weave, 100% cotton, AND budget friendly and you can see why it’s hard not to fall in love.

One thing that I was really excited about when I opened this wrap was the fact that it was so thin and floppy. (That is typically an automatic plus for me out here in this GA heat.) I was INSTANTLY IN LOVE with the colors and the intricacy of the print. I wasted NO time chasing around the twincesses until one of them finally gave in, and it was everything I could ask for in a wrap: easy to glide passes in a back carry up babies back, thin, moldable, and perfect for letting my creativity run free with the endless possibilities of tie offs and wrap jobs that would show off both sides of the wrap.

One of my favorite ways to feel out a visiting wrap/carrier is to take it for a “spin.” Since we had a size 5, I decided to go for my regular HJBC/REBOZO tandem carry. Only this time I used a sling ring instead of tying a slip knot. (Here is the tutorial I used!) Looking back, I wish I would have used medium rings because the wrap is so thin, and I felt like the large rings were more prone to shifting than they should have been. The thinness of the wrap was PERFECT for our partly cloudy and breezy mid-morning walk. The breeze kept us cool enough to not break a sweat and the clouds kept us shaded from the sun. The only downside to this walk was the fact that my 25-ish lbs toddler came back home about 2-3 inches lower on my back than when we left, despite the fact that she was not at all squirmy or leany. (See photo below.) But that didn’t stop me from trying to find any excuse I could to convince the girls they wanted to go uppies again!

When this wrap arrived, we were in the middle of working on learning a new carry: the DOUBLE HAMMOCK (DH), and this wrap couldn’t have been more perfect for learning it with! I did find that anytime I only wore one of the girls at a time, and used a carry like DH or JORDAN’S BACK CARRY, no one shifted. Not even a hair. But when I would tandem wear (even if it was with an individual carrier for my front baby), I found that no matter what I tried, I always came back from our walks with a saggy back baby. DH was a fast favorite of mine with this wrap because it was SO easy to work with! For me, the horizontal pass has ALWAYS intimidated AND kicked my mommy butt, but with Cherry Lace the softness and thinness allowed me to finally master this carry! And of course, who doesn’t love a pretty DH tie off? (Pictured: Freshwater Tie Off)

I did have the chance to wear a 1 month old squishy and it was PERFECT for him! Thick enough to be supportive, thin enough to not overwhelm or overheat him. No matter what size baby I had on, I found that the wrap didn’t dig in the shoulders, which is surprising for how thin it is.

My lending library had also recently been gifted an Ergo around the time Cherry Lace came to play, and I was on a mission to try my hand and wrap and carrier tandem wearing, something I had never had a chance to try out before.
If you know anything about me, you know that for the last 3 summers I have been all about the babywearing walks. We go around the neighborhoods, passing a school and a few other cool scenic things that make it all worth while for the girls. (We are talking an average of about 2.5- 3 miles!)

When it came to the heat and our walks in this wrap, however, the whole game turned upside down. It was a low 70’s (fahrenheit), sunny, and not breezy day with not too much humidity. While I didn’t feel hot, I knew the wrap was leaving definitely it’s marks behind. I went for a walk with N on the back in a DH and M in an Ergo up front. (I typically wouldn’t choose that as a combo, but I wanted to make sure my back carry was as secure as it could get without over layering my back baby.) Since this wrap is 100% cotton, it did not wick away any of the moisture, and wouldn't be ideal for extremely hot times/climates where you know some sweating is likely to occur. (See photo below.) 

 Our walk was really fun nonetheless, and actually so many dads that were driving by stopped to wave and comment about how great an idea I had wearing the girls instead of pushing them. Seriously, I can’t count on one hand how many times they stopped! And in the middle of the road at that! 

Sweat marks after  taking N off the back following our 2.83 mi walk

Sweat marks after  taking N off the back following our 2.83 mi walk

Overall, I think that this wrap is more suitable for smaller babies, unless you plan to use a carry with reinforcing passes with bigger babies. Unfortunately, it would not be my first choice to stash for tandem wearing my twincesss, BUT I wouldn’t say the same if I had tried this wrap several months ago. I think this would have been a GREAT tandem option pre-toddlerhood. Also be mindful of your climates and occasions you plan to wear given the lack of moisture retention. I can say that I think Cherry Lace would be an incredible addition to any stash in need of a colorful wrap that you can really have fun with, but it wouldn't be my first suggestion for everyday wearing needs. 

Made from 100% cotton (weave= jacquard)
Weight:  280 g/m2
Width: 140 cm

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