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Baby-Doo Rouge

When I discovered there was a company that made wraps for under $100 for a size 5 ($88 to be exact!!), I could hardly believe it.The diamond weave feature was something I had been anxious to try, and when I tell you that I could not get enough front snuggles in this wrap, I am not exaggerating.

 When Rouge came to us, we were knee deep into the Wrapsody Baby Weekly Wrap Challenge and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was trying to learn how to wrap a Front Cross Carry (FCC) and KANGAROO CARRY and this wrap was the best place to start learning. The grippiness of the wrap helped keep things in place as I worked on mastering the art of shoulder flips. The whole “no cross pass in the front” with these carries really threw me for a loop in the beginning since multilayer security is all I had known my entire front carrying life. No matter how hard I tried, I could NOT stop wrapping front carries in Rouge! )And we haven’t been into solo front carries for the longest. We mostly do them to test and tutorial, never to be snuggly anymore. #toddlerlife)

I noticed that wrapping my carries a touch snugger than usual was better for us because the weight of the girls (around 25 lbs each) caused the wrap to take a short time to situate and find “it’s place.” It’s not to say this wrap wasn’t secure, because it was VERY secure! I’m talking about that feeling when your jeans finally conform to fit your body after you’ve had them on for a bit from being freshly washed and tight. And, to continue with the analogy, I feel like the longer I wore my toddler in these single pass front carries, the more my carry would settle, and eventually I would need to give the tails a tug to get the slack pulled back out. I will add that incorporating shoulder flips into my carries was a GREAT way to try and help keep things in place, and prevent things from digging into all the wrong places. (ie: neck, shoulders, etc)

When I finally did get the chance to take Rouge for a back carry, I was surprised at how different it felt! I started higher than normal since I had noticed the few minor shifting issues from the front carries, and went for the one carry that has given me trouble since the day I started trying to learn it: Double Hammock (DH). The chest pass ALWAYS gave me issues, mostly because I would either over tighten and pop the seat or not tighten enough and be left with more slack than I needed. The grip in this wrap kept everything in place when it came to layering passes in my carry, and most importantly the straps on my shoulders stood no chance of budging! I even took it a step further and turned my carry into a one shouldered DH! It was the MOST comfortable and secure back carry I had ever accomplished in my journey to master the DH carry! (See photo below.) 

One thing that is SUPER important to note is that you HAVE TO pay attention to your wrap job, if not, you will notice a day and night difference. Overall, if you do not wrap your carries flat or properly flip your shoulders, you WILL feel a very diggy and uncomfortable wrap. If you do not use a multilayer carry with a toddler and up on your back, you may not experience as much of a comfortable or stationary carry. This wrap glides easily in a slip knot, which is the only knotting option I prefer to use when wrapping. The knots tend to get bulky, and the grip can make it slightly difficult to get everything situated in a regular double knot with Rouge. I never did get around to trying a ring finish, but I can tell that large aluminum rings would be the best option for any finishes. The texture of Rouge isn’t too rough, but it is definitely unique. I imagine that after a few washes the touch of lint and the texture will subside, leaving you with a little slice of red babywearing heaven. (This wrap came to me brand new out of the box and worn by only 2 other mommas so there was still some breaking in that needed to be done!)

I look forward to getting to playing more with Rouge after she makes her way back to home to the Wear and Share Library! And I am even more excited to see all the love and cuddles that she brings to mommies and babies! 

Made from 100% cotton (weave=diamond)

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Click here for more budget edition reviews