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Babywearing Newborn Twins

So, earlier today, I posted some photos of me wearing some adorably squishy new twins (Margo and Noni C.) and instead of me having to repeat my responses on multiple threads, OR risk leaving out any details or  info I want to share, I decided this would be the best way to answer the generals questions! so here goes… (ps: I still wear my twincesses regularly!)

(my girls <3) 

23 months; Back: Ergobaby/ Front: Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Chronos (FCC)

23 months; Back: Ergobaby/ Front: Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Chronos (FCC)


The wraps I am using are different in several ways. The pink one is a stretchy wrap, (Sleepytime-the brand I am wearing- is now Boba; this is from my Wear and Share Program!) meaning it will stretch whether you pull it top to bottom or side to side. The plus side to these wraps are that they are easier to put your babies into without having to do too much adjusting. The downside is that they tend to sag after you hit a certain weight (usually around 15-20 lbs) AND they tend to make you hot. I personally made my own (bought jersey knit material from JoAnns, cut it in half-lengthwise- washed/dryed it, and BOOM. I had TWO wraps!) and used it all the way until 6 months. (I only stopped because we got a MEI TAI and I started REALLY getting into back carries with a woven wrap)


The colorful wrap is a WRAPSODY BABY Chronos, which is a stretch hybrid. This wrap is different from a stretchy because it does not have nearly as much give. It is more like a woven wrap (woven material that is much more supportive and does not sag). It mostly stretches from top to bottom so it is safe for back carries, and other carries that do not have a lot of “passes” (layers). I REALLY like the hybrid wrap for smaller twins for these kinds of carries because you don’t have to stress TOO much about “slack” (loose material), as you would a regular woven, which allows you to really get a good idea of how wrapping, and all it’s components, works! (Ps: I still use this wrap with my toddlers! 2 years and about 25 lbs)


When starting out babywearing, don’t feel rushed to have to jump straight to wearing two! Take your time and learn at your own pace. Using some stuffies is THE BEST way to get a feel for tandem wearing BEFORE trying it with your babies!

NOTE: you can do BOTH of these carries to hold either one OR two babies! You can also do either of these carries with a stretchy or a woven wrap. You would want to do either of these carries up until your babies can not fit on your chest together comfortably any longer. At that point you would want to consider moving to hip carries, OR… staying tuned for more as I continue to make new mommy friends and practice more options to bring to you guys!
(Please click on the links below for more detailed information about each carry- both tandem and single variations)

The carry in the stretchy is called a POCKET WRAP CROSS CARRY (PWCC), and it is the best place to start off when first testing out the babywearing waters. I like it because it is poppable, meaning you can tie it on you and take your babies in and out as you please with just about no adjusting (of course you want to use common sense and tighten when necessary). Another plus side to this carry is that you can use the same pre-tied carry to wear either one OR two babies! (vs. the other option which requires you to wrap and unwrap in both tandem and single carries) The downside to this carry is that I find it much harder to keep babies on their own sides, and it only has one pass to go over both babies, which IMO, feels less secure.

Tandem PWCC Sleepy Wrap (now Boba Stretchy Wrap)

Tandem PWCC Sleepy Wrap (now Boba Stretchy Wrap)

The carry in Chronos is called a FRONT WRAP CROSS CARRY (FWCC) and is VERY similar to the PWCC, expect that this carry gives each baby their own “pass” (layer) and, IMO, is the most secure and easiest carry to keep babies apart. The carry requires you to wrap a pass around EACH baby (so, you end up wrapping the wrap around you TWICE. once for each baby to go into). The difference here also is that instead of pre-making where you put your baby, you actually wrap as you go! I LOVED this carry and used it 98% of the time I tandem wore after I learned it! (I started PWCC at 3 weeks and moved on to this around 4 weeks; we did it until about 8 weeks when they couldn’t lay on my chest together. It was a sad day.) IMO, your babies stay more secure and in place here because they have been wrapped directly against you. It’s hard to explain so I attached BOTH of my current YOUTUBE videos below. I DID record myself while putting these two sweet sweet girls on, and will be posting them soon on the channel! 

Tandem FWCC: Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Chronos

Tandem FWCC: Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Chronos


->To read an overview about the different types of carrier and wrap options that are available in the babywearing world CLICK HERE
->To find the right carrier/wrap option visit the BABYWEARING REVIEWS

-> You can check your local kid consignment stores, (but educated yourself about your wrap/carrier BEFORE you buy it! There are a lot of fakes, and less comfy options out there. Get what’s best for you, and know a little about what you are getting!) Feel free to join Simply Babywearing on FB to get more info from all sort of babywearing moms!

Leave your questions and comments here and let’s spread the babywearing love!