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Amanda's Tandem Hip Carry

Left: DIY Osnaburg Wrap/ Right: Oscha Meander Solina 

Left: DIY Osnaburg Wrap/ Right: Oscha Meander Solina 

We have been doing this carry since about 8 weeks old. When we had steady head control, which is a ideal for this carry*. (You want to make sure that baby won't risk being able to slump their necks/close their airways!) This carry can be done with a size 6-8 woven wrap, depending on your base size. Stretchy wraps are not recommended for this carry. This carry is great for outings, walks, and anything that does not require a large range of arm motion. You can pre-tie this carry before you leave the house too, making it easier to handle having a larger wrap out and about! (Espec with twins in tow!)

*if you have premature babies, please consult with your physician before wearing. Thing such as muscle tone, low birth weight, etc can play a factor in safety.

Lenny Lamb Zumba Blue

Lenny Lamb Zumba Blue


  • Learning the "single baby" variation, POPPIN'S HIP CARRY, can help you get a better handle on mastering this wrap! (This carry is typically done with a size 3/4 woven wrap)
  • With smaller babies, roll washcloths under the top rail/ their necks for additional head support because of their tiny and petite size.
  • Be sure to spread the neck pass over your shoulders for max comfort. It will keep the wrap from digging into you and distribute the weight evenly, leaving the carry to feel weightless
  • If you feel the need for "added" security, spread the cross passes (the tails that you put under their bums right before you tie off) OVER their backs. This makes for a second layer to hold the babies in... GREAT for wiggle worms ;)
  • This carry can be done with larger babies as well (so far I've seen up to 25-30 lbs EACH baby fit just fine!)
  • This carry is great for tandem nursing if you position it just right when you wrap ;)
  • This is NOT a sibling friendly carry! Since your babies are not independent from each other you can not wear one baby at a time, nor can you wear babies of significantly different sizes
  • It is not unusual for me to have to pull and repin the tail between my knees while wrapping my SECOND baby. (That pinned rail IS what is holding your first baby secure, and with all the moving you are doing getting #2 in, you for sure what to keep tension in that pinned tail!)

Taking off sleeping babies isn't always the easiest..... Here are a few tips:

  • It takes PRACTICE! (and dont worry if you "fail." about 85% of our transfers are unsuccessful!)
  • Untying to loosen typically helps. (Be sure to pin the tails after it is completely untied for security! Just PLEASE make sure you don't leave the wrap loose while untied because this carry is not an independent carry!) 

*NOTE the rolled washcloths under the necks! READ MORE ABOUT THE WASHCLOTH HACK (for newborns/smaller babes)

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