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Gentle Parenting twins teaches you effective alternatives to mainstream parenting and how to incorporate it into your everyday parenting life.

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In my twenty something years of life, there is nothing that I have found that can make me SO happy, miserable, stressed, zen, excited, exhausted, eager, proud, and flat out scared sh*tless than being a parent. And as if that big ball of emotions isn't enough to deal with, I constantly worry about whether I am doing this whole parenting thing right so I don't "ruin" my kids. All while trying to figure out how to be "Payal" and "Mommy" at the same time! (oh, and did I mention I have TWINS?)


MY INSPIRATION: When I was pregnant, I would get comments like "You aren't going to be able to breastfeed!" and "You'll never fit through here once you have that double stroller!" or my favorite: "Twins? Wow. Better you than me." or "Double Trouble! Your hands will be so full!" So many times I was discouraged and fear-mongered about what the future would hold for me, which made it so difficult to enjoy my pregnancy and preparing to meet my new bundles of joy. 

As a first time parent and a M.O.M. (mother of multiples), finding information and resources that were relevant to ME was SO HARD. If you learn anything about me, it should be that I am one of the biggest nerds you will probably ever meet. I LOVE TO LEARN! And as I watched my babies slowly discover the new world around them (vs.the one they had spent 36 weeks in), the psychologist in me just HAD TO figure out what those tiny little brains were up to.

My late nights at the computer, and "lunch breaks" reading text books (yes, the books you get in school), refueled my passion for knowledge. And before I knew it, I was up writing answers to all of the questions that I had. Because, if I pick a topic and research it, it's only NATURAL to write a summary/paper about what I learned right? (Told you, NERD!)

WHAT I DO: I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS! Whether you have one or four babies, this parenting thing can be the most fulfilling experience ever if you just follow your heart and let your baby lead the way. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but with the right knowledge, tools, and support under your parenting tool belt, it only has to be as hard as you make it.

Throughout my website, you will find both stories about our adventures and researched articles about the "hot topics" of parenting. I also share our experiences with transitioning into the "crunchy life" and how we are working on being more in tune with each other and ourselves through a more natural living approach.


WHAT'S THE POINT OF ALL THIS? As the website, and information in it, grows with the girls through adolescence, I plan to branch back out and pursue my dream of working with "at risk youth." My long term goals involve community outreach and support, specifically focusing on prevention/intervention in teen pregnancy and high school dropouts. You'll see that I am all about the big picture! (I really do have a master plan! lol)



Please be sure to FOLLOW THE BLOG so that you don't miss a beat! Join us on our daily adventures in twinning on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK and connect with other like minded moms too! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your parenting adventures! I can't wait to watch all of our littles grow and change the world, one child at a time. Leave a comment! I would love to know something about YOU! What are your parenting goals? What are your expectations from Twinmommy101? I'm not just here to blog, I'm here to support you too!