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Kangaroo Carry


The Kangaroo Carry is a great front carry for newborn through toddlerhood snuggles. This is a fast and easy carry to learn, and can be used with the majority of wrap sizes. (Remember the size you need depends on the size of you and your baby.) You can either tie this carry under the bum (TUB) or around your waist in the back. If you have a long enough wrap, you can even reinforce this carry by spreading the passes. (You can also do a hip carry variation.) Since this carry does not utilize the 3 passes/layers needed to keep your baby secure, stretchy wraps aren't recommended.


  • Practicing this carry with a doll or stuffed animal before wrapping your baby can help you master the motions of wrapping this carry

  • Use your teeth to hold the wrap and help with the shoulder flip

  • Use a mirror/reflection to help prevent twisting the passes on your back-for both comfort and ease of pulling out slack

  • Rotate your shoulder while pulling out the slack from the passes behind to help secure your carry

  • You can do the shoulder flip while wrapping or after getting the carry situated around you and baby- just be cautious of over tightening if you don't flip while wrapping

  • Reinforce the carry by spreading the passes across your baby- great for newborns who need extra support or extra wiggly worms

  • Leaning back a little can help keep baby on your chest as you wrap- ALWAYS keep one hand on baby!

Here are a few pix of us sporting this carry

Learn how to wrap this carry