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Hip Cross Carry (HCC)


Hip Cross Carry (HCC) is a great starter hip carry. You can take baby in and out with ease and with minimal adjustment required. You can pretie this, making outings and fussy days less stressful. This carry requires a shorter wrap (size 4+ depending on the size of you and your baby). HCC is a nursing friendly carry that can be used from infancy through toddlerhood. Since this carry does not utilize the 3 passes/layers needed to keep your baby secure, stretchy wraps aren't recommended.


  • Use a shoulder flip to keep the wrap from digging in your neck
  • Spread the passes from knee to opposite shoulder
  • Where you make the "X" is where your baby's bottom will go
  • Loosen the knot and lower your baby to nurse- always reposition and retighten before and after feeding
  • Wait until baby has head control since you can't use the washcloth hack with this carry to support baby's neck

Here are a few pix of us sporting HCC

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