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A Real Life Look At Privilege


We all know that parents wear a lot of "hats" throughout the years, but one that we don't talk about often includes being prepared to teach our children about the good, the bad, and the ugly that exists in the world around them. Part of raising children requires having a level of self awareness that we may not have yet reached, and the truth of the matter is one of the best ways to learn about yourself (especially on this level) is to be willing and open to learn about new and other perspectives. It's not really a question about whether you agree or disagree with social issues/topics (ie: privilege, racism, classism, ableism, rape culture, etc). It's about HOW you choose to present/confront your children with these issues. And just because your littles may not be "old enough for this stuff " yet does not mean that you shouldn't be paying attention now because, let's face it.... just because something does not affect you or your daily life, does not mean it does not exist. And denying that these issues exist is just as bad as openly accepting/practicing them. Instead of rambling on and on through my lens about this stuff, I wanted to share a recent Facebook post of mine and the conversation that transpired. And since everybody loves a little Facebook drama, I figured you wouldn't mind........ lol

A little backstory about me: As a female minority (with immigrant parents), there were a LOT of things that I experienced early on that left me feeling isolated and like there was something wrong with who I was. Only within this past year have I discovered that I am not the reason that I have had many of those experiences that I carry with me, which should make it pretty needless to say that I never considered myself (let alone had any pride about being) a person of color(PoC). In fact, looking back I realize that I have spent most of my life trying to present myself as exactly the opposite. Recently, I have grown more confident in myself and have even taken it a step further to embrace my identity as a woman of color (WoC). Undoubtedly these changes have come thanks to being able to unpack my past and FINALLY learn and grow from it. The pain is real and isn't always the easiest to put behind you when it's all you've known growing up. Then, think about how much that baggage you carry can potentially affected transition into adult life....

While I am still an observer in the social justice world, who mostly prefers to engage through silent observation, I do sometimes come across a social media post- or issue- that really hits a nerve for me. Especially in light of recent events in Paris with ISIS, I can't help but see so much hate spew and target "certain" groups/demographics. This is the same ignorance that works to uphold the best interests of the majority, reinforces oppression, and encourages MICROAGRESSIONS.  When you read this, please keep an open mind and remember that if you don't have anything productive to say, you DON'T HAVE TO read this. If you are not familiar with the concept of "privilege" THIS VIDEO is a great place to start! Remember, this is not about any ONE INDIVIDUAL person. My goal isn't to try and change your mind nor am I calling anyone wrong..... #knowbetterdobetter

The "just woke up and scrolling through Facebook in bed, pre-coffee post"....


Grab your popcorn and tea... here come the comments! (I divided each comment and it's sub-thread/replies with a line for organizational sake; each heart color coordinates with the same profile throughout the thread's entirety.)mj comments



SS8*the police discussion continues amongst others






*Full transparency: I chose not to include the comment that I wrote this reply for because of the comments length, but the gist was "problems exist, can't we all just get along." SS16

*LINK FROM POST: What's The Matter With 'All Lives Matter" (This article is a VERY broad reference for why "let's just all get along" isn't an option yet-IMO)


SS19 SS20

SS21 SS22 SS23SS24*LINK FROM POST: Tone Policing 101







SS31*LINK FROM POST: What Is Privilege? 




SS37*LINK FROM POST: Explaining White Privilege to A Broke White PerosnScreen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.57.44 AM*LINK FROM POST: What My Bike Has Taught Me About White Privilege

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