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International Babywearing Week: Day 7


ibw 2015 banner As we wrap up what has been, by far one of the funnest weeks this year, I want to take a moment to thank each of you who have participated and help spread the babywearing love. I can't say it enough times: without babywearing I don't know where we would be today. For many people, carriers are the easier/more accessible option when it comes to starting out with babywearing. While I am still exploring many of these options and combinations, I do have a few basic tips to offer. (Please stay tuned next month for more exciting announcements and babywearing info!)

IBW theme- options#EmbraceYourOptions is about exploring all the options available to you. What carriers do you have? What can they do? Have you fully explored all the options they have to offer? What about options around you; lending libraries, friends to trade with? What sort of options do you have?

When I first started out babywearing, I managed to get by with only a DIY stretchy wrap followed by a DIY woven. I managed to try (and fall in love with) the mei tai at 6 months thanks to the same special friend that introduced me to the world of wearing! It was over 16 months before I finally was able to try my first soft structured carrier (ssc)!

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IBW seaglass giveawayTwinmommy101's IBW Giveaway: Nunamoochie Seaglass (Handwoven) IBW ABC giveawayTwinmommy101's IBW Giveaway: Action Baby Carriers

IBW COTD challenge Alt to wraps