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International Babywearing Week: Day 6



ibw 2015 bannerHappy Friday! I am so sad that we are nearing the end of International Babywearing Week, however I did make sure to save the best for last! Be sure to try your hand at the Double Hammock back carry today- which is the featured Carry of the Day for the #twinmommy101babywearingchallenge! This carry is not one I have dabbled much with yet because I have always been intimidated by the chest pass. (But with a little time and practice, I realized I was making it out to be worse than it actually is!) Be sure to follow the blog for more updates, info, and tutorials as they become available. Don't forget we still have giveaways running until the end of the week! Keep scrolling to see what is up for grabs! (and again, I saved the best for last!) Leave a comment with your thoughts about our theme spotlight, COTD or, if you have any questions.

IBW theme- family#EmbraceYourFamily: Who are the people in your life that support you daily? Do you have a babywearing family? How does babywearing impact your own family.  Do you have other babywearers in your family? What does babywearing mean to your family?

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IBW seaglass giveawayTwinmommy101's IBW Giveaway: Nunamoochie Seaglass (Handwoven) IBW ABC giveawayTwinmommy101's IBW Giveaway: Action Baby Carriers

COTD ChallengeIBW COTD Challenge: Day 6- DH/FCC

*More links and info about the Double Hammock are coming soon!*

Watch how to wrap Double Hammock Double Rings:

Look how easy and quick it is to DH!

Wrapsody Baby's Weekly Wrapping Challenge Week 14: Double Hammock (Hosted by Vegan Babymama: A Journey into Vegan...

Posted by Twinmommy101 on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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