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Gentle Parenting twins teaches you effective alternatives to mainstream parenting and how to incorporate it into your everyday parenting life.


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Surviving Toddlerhood (Times Two)


WOMI invite you to take a few moments today and read my latest guest series “Real Talk With Twinmommy101” which is being featured in World of Moms. Get to know the real me and why I do what I do….. I also want to take a moment to thank you for being a part of our journey and allowing us to be a part of yours. YOU are what makes Twinmommy101 keep on chugging!

If you haven’t heard of World of Moms you are missing out! “World of Moms is a community that’s been created to build a one-stop destination for all you mommies. It aspires to bring together like-minded women who believe that sharing experiences doubles the joy of parenting and reduces the agonies associated with motherhood. A place to connect, share your experiences, give and get advice, and vent anonymously.” And the best news is they are featuring a new series written by yours truly!

Surviving Toddlerhood

Your baby REFUSES to let you put her down for the 20th time, you have another one running around with yogurt covered fingers, taking her diaper off, touching everything on the way to the bathroom. What’s a mom to do? Toddlerhood doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Learn 5 easy ways to be ready for just about anything your toddler may throw your way.

A yogurt covered toddler and stage 5 clinger (S5C) combination is only one of the many adventures the girls like to take me on during our time together. And let's face it, these aren’t the easiest moments to get through. I mean, I haven’t even had time to brush my teeth or use the bathroom, let alone make coffee. All I know is that there is an inevitable mess in/on the way to the bathroom and that my day is going to be a long one.

The options I am left with for the above scenario are to either take the S5C with me while I chase, and toilet, yogurt baby or, put down the S5C, risk upsetting her more, and tend to my almost potty independent “dessert bowl baby.” Either way, I feel backed into a corner and like I’d rather bang my head against a wall. And we’ve all been there, whether you


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