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International Babywearing Week: Day 4


ibw 2015 bannerHappy Hump Day and welcome to the fourth day of International Babywearing Week (IBW) 2015!  Today is the last day you can enter to win a Twingaroo Twin Baby Carrier as well as the cute suck pads that protect the carrier straps for your curious and drooly baby from Emma, Bemma's & Moore! If you wrap, or have a fun mei tai/Asian style carrier, don't forget to enter to win a set of sling rings courtesy of Anklebiter Adventures (Scroll down this page to enter, and click HERE to view a full list of giveaways going on this week!)Today's carry is the PERFECT solution for anyone who has two short wraps (as opposed to a longer one) OR anyone who is looking to tandem hip carry two babies of significantly different sizes. This carry is only suitable for woven wraps and requires the use of a large sling ring. Miranda's Tandem Hip Carry is semi poppable and completely independent- meaning you can get your babies in and out with having to take/wrry about the other one become unsecure. AND that it requires minimal adjusting when putting babies back in. And of course leave a comment with your thoughts about our theme spotlight, COTD or, if you have any questions.

IBW theme- style#EmbraceYourStyle: What inspired you to seek the have the carrier(s) you have, or have previously owned. Why do/did you love it? Why is that carrier your style? How do you incorporate style into your babywearing?  What are you favorite ways to feel snazzy while babywearing! (Lately I have been finding myself more and more drawn to sling ring finishes. They always add that extra "flare"- and some days my mommy get up needs a little pick me up! And don't forget about suck pads: the sure way to add a little flair to any carrier with straps)

giveaway header template IBW twingaroo giveawayTwinmommy101's IBW Giveaway: Twingaroo Twin Baby Carrier

IBW emma bemmas giveawayTwinmommy101's IBW Giveaway: Emma, Bemma's, & Moore

IBW Sling rings giveawayTwinmommy101's IBW Giveaway: Sling Rings


Don't forget about our special IBW 2015 promotions!

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COTD ChallengeIBW COTD Challenge: Day 4- MTHC


Watch how to wrap Miranda's Tandem Hip Carry:

Watch how to wrap Robin's Hip Carry:

Watch Miranda's Tandem Hip Carry in real time action:

Look how easy it is to Robin's Hip Carry!

Wrapsody Baby's Weekly Wrapping Challenge Week 7: Robins Hip Carry (Hosted by Vegan Babymama: A Journey into Vegan...

Posted by Twinmommy101 on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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