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International Babywearing Week: Day 1


ibw 2015 bannerToday officially marks the start of International Babywearing Week (IBW) 2015! We are going to kick the Carry of the Day (COTD) Challenge with the best carry to turn to when you are first learning the ropes of wrapping whether you are wearing one baby or two. It is both woven and stretchy wrap friendly and is completely poppable- meaning you can take your baby in and out as you please with no need to adjust!While you are here, be sure to browse the giveaways and promotions that are going on this week! And of course leave a comment with your thoughts or questions.


COTD ChallengeIBW COTD Challenge: Day 1- PWCC

When it comes to trying to figure out the world of wrapping, a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) may be one of the best ways to go, especially if you have access to a stretchy wrap or a long woven (size 7). While this carry is only useful for the first few weeks when using the tandem variation, you can use this carry for as long as you please (with one baby). LEARN MORE ABOUT PWCC HERE FIND MORE DETAILS ABOUT  WRAPPING ONE BABY IN PWCC HERE FIND MORE DETAILS ABOUT TANDEM PWCC HERE FIND MORE INFO ABOUT BABYWEARING NEWBORN TWINS HERE

Watch how to wrap the Tandem PWCC:

Watch how to wrap one baby in a PWCC:

Watch more tips for wrapping Tandem PWCC:

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