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Babywearing In and Out of the Car


Chances are, if you’re reading this amazing blog, you love to babywear. Do you ever wish you could wear your baby more often, but feel you can’t because it’s too cold, too hot, they are sleeping, they might fall asleep, etc. etc.? If so, here are some tricks and tips! guest post ali w

  • Too hot or too cold outside to spend a few minutes getting baby into a carrier? Try bringing baby inside in whatever your alternative method of choice is, (stroller, car seat, in arms, cart, etc.) then getting them into your carrier in the temperature controlled building. You can bring a bag/backpack in with you to store your wrap, and swap it out to store baby’s winter clothes, or other items you need while you’re inside.


  • Try wearing your wrap, sling or carrier while you drive. In most cases, you can keep it out of the way of your seat belt, or have just one thin layer between you and the seat belt. You can also master the art of putting your carrier on while you’re sitting in the car, (after you park of course!) or climb into an empty seat in the back to get your carrier on and get baby inside it before you leave the car.


  • Finally arrive at your destination, only to look back and see a sleeping baby? Get your carrier ready for baby, loosen those straps quite a bit, slowly undo all the buckles, sliding one arm out at a time, lean in and get baby onto your chest as quickly as possible, stand up, sway a bit to convince them to keep sleeping, then tuck them into the carrier.

Are you wearing a sleeping baby and need to get them back into their car seat? My favorite method to transfer baby into a car seat involves a few steps. I try to remember to prep the car seat for a possible sleep transfer as soon as I take baby out of the seat, but if I forget, I do it as soon as I get back to the car, or ask my partner or a friend to help me out. I loosen the straps enough so that they are out of the way of where baby will go. Some car seats have magnets, or pockets etc. where you can store the buckle tongues. If your car seat does not, you can purchase pins with magnets in them “lulu clips” to use. Use accessories like these with caution, as putting the pin through can damage some car seat covers. You can also tuck the tongues into some of the padding of the seat, or loosen all the way and hang them off the side of the seat. I then loosen whatever carrier I am using. With a soft structured carrier or mei tai, I take the entire thing off and let it hang around my waist while I transfer baby. With a ring sling, I just loosen enough for the fabric to fall away from baby. Depending on which wrap carry I’m using when wrapping, I unwrap enough to get baby out or unwrap fully and try to aim carefully so the wrap falls onto the front seat, or behind the car seat. If you’re lucky, at this point baby is sound asleep against your body. I then lean into the car, trying to maintain as much contact between baby’s body and mine until they are inside their car seat. Most of the time, I need to pause at this point to let them fall back to sleep before I extract myself from the car seat. After a few more seconds, I slide the shoulder straps onto baby, grab the buckle tongues, snap them in, then do the chest clip, tighten the straps to pass the pinch test, slide that chest clip up to arm pit level, and hope that baby is still sound asleep!

****Disclaimer**** Remember a baby carrier should never be used as a safety device. Baby must be secured properly in their car seat at all times while the car is moving.

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