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Child Passenger Safety Week 2015


car seat saftey week fb bannerWhen it comes to car seats, the baby game can get a little tricky. “What kind of seat do I need?” “How much money is this going to cost me?” “How do I install it into my car?” “Is there a way for me to avoid having to carry my baby around besides in a car seat?” "When do they need to face the front?" These are all common questions that are not always easy to find the answers to. BUT, if you are like me when I first joined the "mom's club," you won’t even know that you are supposed to ask these questions,. The fact is, there is a LOT of information/knowledge that often goes unspoken when it comes to car seat (1) This week you can look forward to seeing information about car seat safety that serves to raise awareness about how to save lives. Thanks to an amazing group of CPSTs (certified passenger safety technician) and my lovely Doula friend from Rainbow Baby Birthing Service, you can look forward to getting a plethora of information as we talk about all things carseats this week. I strongly encourage you to not only read the posts but to share the information as well. Car seats are not something we talk about enough, but at the end of the day it can save a child’s life. Politely correcting a fellow parent/caregiver may not always be the easiest, most comfortable thing to do, but it can potentiallysave lives. download (2)

In addition to sharing information there will be TWO very exciting giveaways this week! If you are a blog follower please be sure to keep an eye out for your “blog followers bonus entry posts" 

Here is a list of all topics that will be featured this week!

  • Considering you car seat options from birth and beyond 
  • Using a convertible from birth
  • Extended rear facing
  • What you need to know about buying used car seats
  • Car seats and Air travel 
  • What you need to know about car seats and winter coats 
  • How to prepare for multiple car seats in one vehicle 
  • Babywearing in and out of the car: Why babywear vs car seat in a stroller/cart/in hand, transfer from wearing to car seat, etc.
  • Your car stash: What is a car stash? What do you need in it? And how much should it cost?

download (3)

I look forward to sharing so much useful and necessary info this week, and to be honest I will be right there next to you learning with you. Don't forget to be on the lookout for giveaways from Emmma Bemma's and Moore & Anklebiter Adventures!