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What NOT To Say To a Twin Mom


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"OMG, Are They Twins? (And Other Things You Shouldn't Say)"

IMG_3215The fact that the human body can grow more than one child at a time is pretty amazing, no one can deny that. But when you actually see it happening right in front of your eyes, or have even a moment to be able to be a part of that miracle, is a “few times in your life” kind of experience. But when it comes down to it, most people who have not been pregnant with or raised twins don’t know HOW to talk to those of us who have. I mean think about it, how many times have you gone up to a person who just has one baby and said something like: “OH MY! You’ve got your hands full” or “I have a friend who had a cousin who’s best friend had a baby girl too!”...... that’s what I thought.

I can understand why most people would put me in that “weirdo” category because, even though everything around me wasn’t always happy, I truly was happy being pregnant. My friends tease me because of how much I MISS it, and because I am willing to do it all over again, twins or not. But not all of us like showing off and taking an endless stream of photos of the bump. Some of us, unfortunately, don’t even have the opportunity to fully enjoy our pregnancies. Carrying multiples can risk complications not usual to singleton pregnancies, which is all the more reason to know what is ok and not ok to say to us when we are “out in the wild.”

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