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About Kangaroo Carry


There are SO many carries out there that I don't know yet and what better way to learn than through a challenge? For the past 4 weeks, we have been participating in the Wrapsody Baby Weekly Wrap Challenge (hosted by Vegan Babymomma), and are having the best time! (Mostly because I have an excuse to get extra free snuggles, but in all sorts of new ways!) Feel free to wrap along with us on FACEBOOK! I will be pinning a time lapse video with info and useful links each week to the page so that you can go at your own pace, and pick and choose what you want to work on! I'm excited and look forward to you joining us! Here is info about the WEEK 4 carry! (You can find info pages about all the carries we know HERE!)


Kangaroo carry is by far one of the best ways to get really deep front snuggles. It is a bit more advanced than other front carry options (FWCC/FCC/PWCC etc), but well worth investing the time into learning. Typically, with a smaller baby, you would need a Base-3 size wrap for this carry. (You can determine your BASE SIZE by the length you need to FWCC). This is not a carry that is going to be tandem friendly since you need to put baby in and wrap them up as you go. (Remember that you ALWAYS put your back baby on first!)


-Practicing this carry with a stuffy will help you master this carry before you add a real life baby in the mix -Don't let the shoulder flip throw you! Always flip the bottom rail under and towards you (and the top goes over and away) -DO NOT USE A STRETCHY WRAP (ie: Moby, Boba, K'Tan) This carry does not have reinforcing passes that go over the baby and you need THREE layers over baby with a stretchy. Try the reinforced kangaroo carry with a stretchy! -If you are wrapping a smaller baby, you may find it helpful to lean backwards while wrapping to help keep baby's head still -Don't forget after the shoulder flip that your NEW top rail is your OLD bottom rail and vice versa! -The LESS stressed you are, the EASIER it will be for you and baby to find your deep seats and free snuggles and cuddles!