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Before The Babies Series Launch (As Featured in Baby Chakra)


One thing that I wish I would have done was listen to my friends when they told me I should start a blog while I was pregnant. Unfortunately back then, to me the internet was only around for 3 reasons: Facebook, Email, and Netflix. While I missed out on getting to share those experiences first hand, I DO have the chance to look back on them now and share what it looks like in 20/20 hindsight vision. (and I know how to do a few more things on the computer too lol ;) ) logo_new_betaJoin me at Baby Chakra, a place where you can connect with other mom's and find "everything a mommy needs under one roof!" (Please note: services mentioned are local to India) Come get to know me before I was a blogger and watch me grow "behind the scenes" into the semi-crunchy, babywearing, breastfeeding, oil using kinda hippie person I am today!

Please enjoy my guest series featured in Baby Chakra "Before the Babies." I hope you enjoy!

Meet Our New Mommy Blogger: Payal!

amandas-tandem-hip-carryThank you SO much for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences of raising my girls! I have found along the way that going with your gut and following your heart is the best way to figure out this whole “parenting thing.” What makes life hard is that most of the information out there isn’t always parallel to that particular mindset. I went from not having the slightest clue about RAISING babies, to blogging all about them in a matter of weeks. Overall, this whole life experience has taught me to never forget that everything happens for a reason and to always remember to count my blessings.

Q: How did come to be? From the time I learned about babywearing (30 weeks pregnant) to the time that I actually became a first time wearer (3 weeks postpartum; 9 weeks later), my whole world flipped upside down. I had inadvertently stumbled upon a foreign place where moms were breast feeding and wearing both infants and toddlers without shame. Where they had no regrets about openly TENDING to their children and MEETING their needs on demand. A place where SO many things just “made sense” to me, even though I didn’t have the slightest clue about what was going on.....


You can find a full list of my guest appearances HERE!