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What I've Been Up To Lately {Budget Edition}


what i've been up to-budgetMoney seems to always be an issue for most of us, and when you have twins it can become DOUBLE the trouble. (see what I did there? :p ) One thing that I have struggled with the most in mommyhood has been funding my own wrap stash. The babywearing world is overwhelming and wraps and carriers are expensive. My one and only attempt to convince Dad that we needed to buy a wrap (which BT-DUBS failed miserably), had turned me away from babywearing for the umptenth time, and my girls hadn't even arrived yet! Luckily a friend loaned us HER DIY to help us get started! And we never looked back... Fastforward 21 months later and here we are. Having gone from getting by soley on DIY wraps (and a Babyhawk Mei Tai for Dad) to testing for several different woven wrap companies, writing reviews, AND running a traveling lending library. (All in a days work!) The one thing that makes me truly appreciate where the luck of the draw has gotten us is the fact that I will never forget where or how we started out. And I have met and chatted with SO many other mommie who have been in similar positions. They either can't afford to purchase, or they don't know WHAT to purchase if they have the means to do so.

So, what else was left to do besides kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Without further adieu, MAY I PRESENT TO YOU......

BWOAB feature image

Be on the look out for these special reviews as part of the Feature Friday fun! The goal is to get these special edition reviews out twice a month, but keep in mind that everything we wear either comes from a company or another mommas stash so we have to work with what we have. (meaning, don't hate me if I can't keep that promise. You CAN expect to find a review every Friday though! ;) )

In addition to the Babywearing Budget Reviews, keep an eye out on my Pinterest and weekly Workout Wednesday posts! I will be sharing yummy recipes from my GET FIT CHALLENGE group as well as posting weekly menus for the budget conscious mom! (I have high hopes of picking back up with my "Ballin' on a Budget Series" soon as well!)