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Toddler Noodle Fun


colored pasta foodAs I was racking my brains for the millionth time trying to figure out how to get my 18 month old twincesses to eat something for dinner, I stumbled upon this idea for colored food. And boy was it a hit! I found one meal that I could tuck into my back pocket for emergencies and use anytime I had a need to worry about the RANDOM TODDLER APPETITE. AND I was able to sneak in some veggies too! (Bless veggie infused pasta noodles!) One more score for mommy cheats! After a few weeks, I found myself again racking my poor, tired, twin brain for ideas for ways to keep my, 21 month old, toddlers entertained. And this time I'm trying to sneak in some unschooling fun, and my timing couldn't have been more perfect. Our friends over at TANDEM TROUBLE, had just had some sensory fun with... COLORED NOODLES! The girls always have fun exploring their foods, but I never would have thought to use food for play. So out came the noodles and dye. We have been working on colors lately and I couldn't think of a better way to play and learn about them. It gave us a break from the "usual" and we got a snack out of it too.

toddler-sensory-play-colors-activityI, true to form, went all the way around my butt to scratch my elbow to make them, but I'll get there in a second. What you are going to need is a bucket (I used a super larger tuperware box, but next time, it WILL be a gallon sized bucket. Why? Because they didn't have as much space in that box as I would have liked. The height of the bucket is likely to keep noodles more contained. And, don't use angel hair. Unless you like mind numbing pick up off the floor time lol. Grab a blanket/sheet, or head outside and don't be afraid to travel with it around the house. (Just be sure to throw out when finished!)

Don't be like me and waste gas and water by boiling the colors separately. (Although I got some super cool mixed colors!). Read more about quick ways to get lots of colors, why this type of sensory activity is awesome for toddlers, and why you don't want to reuse your noodles in the ORIGINAL POST FROM TANDEM TROUBLE.

Do you have any fun toddler sensory activities? I am definitely in the market for some! Share your photos on your FACEBOOK PAGE!