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What I've Been Up To Lately {Babywearing Reviews}


Babywearing Reviews"Do you remember how this time last year, we were counting EVERY single hit and like that we got, and now this year look how far we have come!" One of my favorite blogging mommy friends said this to my during our last phone convo and I will never forget it. This time last year, I was trudging along, just trying to find my way around in these new shoes I was wearing: mommy by day/ blogger by night. I still had NO idea what direction (or purpose) my blog was going to serve aside from being a place that I could share my thoughts, experiences, and research about gentle parenting, milestones/development, and twins. After my first celebration of International Babywearing Week (2014), Tandem Trouble (TT) reached out and donated a wrap for a giveaway for my page AND sent me her Oscha Meander Solina for me to snuggle the girls in. Over time our friendship (and her stash) grew, eventually she had suggested that I try my hand at reviewing a wrap or carrier, just for fun. I brushed it off each time assuring her that it wasn't really something I considered "my style." I had gotten by just fine with my DIY wraps for the first 15+ months and I was content with where I was.

IMG_7198So the holidays come, Nunamoochie Mehndi is visiting from TT and decided I had nothing to lose by writing a review. I sat down with TT and Hillary of Bugglet Baby, and together they helped walk me through some of the terms and specs of wraps. You see for me, this is a learning process. My experiences with WRAPPING is pretty extensive, but when it comes to blends, companies, patterns, I am in the darkest room on the planet. NO CLUE. (Which now, maybe you can understand my initial hesitation.) The great thing that came from all of this is that, just like with most everything else in my mommylife, I am having to learn everything from scratch, which of course makes it easier for me to report back to you and break it all down. Leaping into the babywearing world is already intimidating and overwhelming enough. My goal is to make it as easy and smooth as possible to transition into it (and other aspects of momhood).

fluff mail collage blastWell, one thing has led to another, and in the course of FOUR months, I now have a growing collection of reviews of babywearing wraps and carriers. I started up my own "review team," consisting of the two above mentioned mommies and Jasmine from Little Hands Big Heart. We started out by sending around a Nunamoochie Retro that I was asked to review and slowly grew from there. I am also now a VERY proud member of the Review Team RUCKING AWESOME* (you can find us on IG @ruckingawesome) and am enjoying being able to hashtag: wear all the wraps.

While I try not to get fangirled away by some of the things that come through the door, I think it is important to remember (and remind others) that for us babywearing isn't really about the $ you spend on what you wear with, it's about loving to wear and most importantly the snuggles you and your babies get! I enjoy writing reviews because it gives me a chance to catch up on all that I feel like I have "missed out on" as far as "trends and fashion" go. Let's face it, with TWO it gets tough on the wallet, and the babywearing world is intimidating enough as it is. I took the easy way out and just did it myself. But (as always) had I known back then what I know now, I could have done things a little differently.

Now that I have had a chance to expand on my adventures in babywearing, I am taking that luck and turning it right back around for other mommies with my WEAR&SHARE PROGRAM! If you aren't a believer in "everything happens for a reason," then you are looking at the wrong picture.

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*Rucking Awesome Review Team is: Tandem Trouble, Bugglet Baby, Little Hands, Big Heart, Chocolate Crunchies, Babywearing for Medically Complex Families, and myself!