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What I've Been Up To Lately {An Overview}


SO MUCH has been happening here (besides growth spurts and teething), and I am FINALLY ready to start spilling the beans. Between starting up my own traveling lending library (kind of an accident) to getting in my daily babywearing walks and being more motivated about housework (thanks to my Get Fit Challenge Group), sometimes I find myself stopping for a moment and asking myself "WHO ARE YOU?" ... Like, that time the words "I was going to have a salad, but then I had carrots instead" left my mouth. Seriously, what is that? :P what i've been up to-overview

I can't believe we are already going on month 2 of the Get Fit Challenge (formerly known as the 7 Day Walking Challenge). I needed some motivation and help with staying consistent with getting my daily walks in AND eating healthier, and TADA! My group was born (I created it last October, launched it last month. I was just THAT ready!). The challenges restart weekly to give members the flexibility of when they want to participate. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE! I just have to tell you that this group has been amazing! I have been getting out most days when it's nice enough to, my diet has changed (AND I'm baking "SNEAK treat" goodies again!), and I am actually more motivated to get organized in other areas of my life. I am super proud of the changes that I have not only seen within myself, but those that I have seen in my Get Fit Mommies! The group is SO laid back and fun and it makes it just THAT MUCH MORE MOTIVATING! Virtual high fives for all my health conscious mommas! If anything, it's a GREAT example to set for the littles!

IG FOLLOW BLASTNow, in the midst of launching this group, me and the girls had just gotten done adventuring at our first MOMMYCON! There we met and made SO many friends! It was my first time out with the girls for so long by myself. TANDEM BABYWEARING FOR THE WIN! (I also got smart and placed a lunch order for delivery the day before so I literally had no worries!) You can view our adventures HERE in our FB album. Point of my story? While we were there, we discovered a LOT of cool new things and mommy must-haves, and now it's time to tell you about them! I have some big changes coming to my REVIEWS section, and a post with more info about that coming up next week! All you need to remember while you wait are these two little words: FREE & STUFF! (speaking for free stuff, visit my IG page this week! You may find some there! @twnmommy101 on Instagram)

11083591_10206132735735009_9220468240037617264_nThe highlight of MommyCon, for us, was getting to fangirl out and meet some really cool superstar mommas! Alisa from Tekhni Woven Sling Studio, Colleen and Tanni from Nunamoochie, Ms. Katherine who is a local (and great) author, Jessica from The Leaky Boob, TheBabyGuyNYC and of course Ms. Laura Brown of Babywearing LA and Ergobaby (left in photo). The butterflies still flutter thinking about it! :)IMG_0563

With all that said, I leave you with the MOST EXCITING part of what I have been up to lately! :) If you haven't read about my WEAR&SHARE program you should! (ESPECIALLY if you babywear and can't find a way to find that "perfect fit" for you and your little(s)). It has grown from just a little idea I had into a full blown lending library! And I cannot be more excited/honored/pleased to announce the latest donation to the program..... without further adieu.... (with a HUGE thanks to Ms. Laura!)

ergo W&S announcement

This year has already been SUCH A rollercoaster for me, and with all the fun and exciting things going on, I couldn't be more excited to sit back (aka WORK HARD) and see how the rest of this year plans on panning out! Be on the look out for a few more upcoming posts that will give you more details on why it's been so quiet around here, and what I have in store for you!!!

what i've been up to-feat fri what i've been up to-budget what i've been up to-product reviews

I'd love to know what kinds of things you would like to see rolling out and what you have been up to so far this year! Comment here and let me know! And if you subscribe to the blog, all of our posts will come to you! And you will never miss a beat!

I can't believe we are already over 1/3 of the way through the year! Thanks for letting us be a part of it! <3