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Workout Wednesday: The Get Fit Challenge


walking challenge banner 4 weeks ago, I started a little "Walking Challenge" group on Facebook, in hopes that I could find some accountabil-a-buddies to help keep me motivated to walk daily and eat healthy. I wasn't sure what the direction was going to be, or how it was going to flow, but after creating the group in Oct of 2014, I felt it was time to let my baby run free. And run free she did.....

day 1 challengeAlong the way, I have met 30-40 of some really amazing and strong mommies (and a daddy!) The group has quickly transformed from a "did you walk today?" and "what did you eat today?" into a small community of us that have helped each other stay accountable AND motivated to keep health on the brain (which is why I decided the group over all should be the "Get Fit Challenge"). And since what you eat is just as (if not more) important when focusing on being.... well fit, we try to make sure there is a balance in support between physical, nutritional, and even emotional health. It's nice to be reminded, and be able to chat with, other moms who are living the same life as you. (And let's face it, us chewy-crunchy like minded moms, let alone of multiples, are a rather rare breed! We HAVE TO stick together!)

Now I get it, life happens and you can't (or don't feel like) always making it out of the house. Sleep trumps so much around here. BUT what you can do is make sure that you make an effort to be "exposed" to the happy vibes that pass from reading/seeing someone else trying to achieve some "sweaty" success. Am I walking everyday? No. Of course not. I mean hi, it rained like 8 days straight here 2 weeks ago. (It's actually raining here again today! Thanks Ga weather!) What I HAVE been doing is finding ways to incorporate "working out" and getting my heart rate up into my daily activities. Vacuuming the sofa cushions with all your weight on one leg and doing long, deep mini squats can REALLY get you ready for your shorts! (add a baby on your back into the mix.... and you are BEYOND golden!) Keep an eye on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more about that ;)

Lastly, I am excited to announce that the group has a new leadership team and I am SUPER looking forward to seeing how the next month of challenges go. Wait, challengeS? ----> Yes, the group resets every week and in the weeks to come, there will be weekly themes. So every Wednesday, there will be a new workout "theme" (legs, yoga, strength, endurance, etc), and the group will reopen to accept new members. The themes are in place to help meet the requests of the groups needs. The great thing about the challenge is that it is flexible. You just need to get your heart rate up and be ready to make a conscious effort to make your lifestyle more healthy!

day 3 week 3This group is exclusive to Facebook, but you can find updates by following the blog as well. The point of sharing about the changes that having this group in my life has brought about were MUCH needed, and long over due. I am finding myself back drinking more water, finding my shopping buggy fresh and colorful again, cooking more, and even cleaning my house (which keeps getting the back burner. OVER and OVER and OVER again).

The point of this post is NOT necessarily to spam my group! (Anyone with the intentions is always welcome to join on Wednesdays of course.) But my point is that don't be too hard on yourself. It's a never ending job, working in the life of a mom, and no one expects you to be able to do everything. BUT, you can always take pride in being conscious of yours, and your family's health. Team up with a friend, or even start your own group. Whether its about working out or whatever, be sure you have support! It's SUCH an important factor in well being no matter how old you are or WHERE you are in life. (Trust me, I studied psych... I know.)

A HUGE THANKS TO THE LADIES BEHIND THE SCENES! I couldn't have asked for a better and more supportive like minded group of mommies!

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