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Twingaroo Guest Mini Review


This post was kindly contributed by mommy Caroline F. of New York, NY/ 18 Months (twins). **Please note that there is NO compensation for reviews on this site**

IMG_1530After much consideration on which tandem carrier to buy, I decided I didn't need a carrier that would become two carriers, so I ordered my Twingaroo. I was pleased that it arrived just 2 days after ordering! Super fast.  I honestly wasn't expecting it to be as feel comfortable as it was.

 I usually wrap with two woven wraps every day, since that's what I find most comfortable. I purchased the Twingaroo for my husband to tandem with so mummy can have some time alone from time to time. I usually have found SSCs (soft structured carriers) to be uncomfortable and I recently invested $330 in a Tula toddler wrap conversion. It's very uncomfortable for me - I don't use it.
Needless to say, I was totally surprised by how comfortable this twin carrier is. It felt very secure. Both front and back toddlers felt hugged to me like in a woven wrap and the waist and shoulder straps are super comfortable. Truly. I am slightly lost for words as I honestly thought I wouldn't find it comfortable since no other ssc feels good to me since I learnt to wrap- but this does.
IMG_1532My main concern was the height of the panels since my twins are 18months, not babies...... But again, they are great.
My twins are: 25lb and 34 inches and 20 lbs and 33 inches. Both had the panel going right, up high on their back and there is room to grow. The leg support is not knee to knee, which I understand is not as essential once they are older but for smaller babies it would probably reach knee to knee. Padding would have been good here....but it's a minor thing when I compare the comfort of the twingaroo to my Tula!
IMG_1541Overall it won't replace my wraps as I love them, but it will be a regular go to for me when I want fast, easy, comfortable and hands free (the diaper bag is an added plus) ...... rather than just a daddy carrier!
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