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Wear&Share: Pay It Forward Extension


The Portable Baby and Twinmommy101 are teaming up to Pay It Forward to the babywearing community! A HUGE thanks to The Portable Baby for donating OVER 30 Sleepy Time wraps to The Wear&Share Program! The Wear&Share Program started out as just a far fetched, yet fun, idea. As someone who got by with ONLY DIY wraps for the first 15 months, I have always wanted a way to be able to give back to the babywearing community. (Note: we got a Babyhawk Mei Tai (MT) at 6 months, but it quickly became "Dad's Carrier." lol)

The purpose of the Pay It Forward Extension is to provide expecting and brand new moms with a means to begin babywearing. With all the prepping up and financial craziness that comes with having a new baby, there isn't always enough funds left over for that first wrap. The add to that mix having to leave the house, IF there is a babywearing group around you. Not always doable. (I had preemies, there was no way.)

Cue, Wear&Share's newest extension: Pay It Forward. The main goal is to help and provide moms, specifically under the circumstances mentioned above, with the tools and support they need to take their first steps out into the babywearing and gentle parenting world!

To qualify for this program you must not be able to put financial priority on any babywearing gear. Please note: These wraps are STRETCHY wraps. They are only safe for front, multilayered carries, and are suggested for use up to 35 lbs (however after about 15-20 they tend to lose their overall support and sag). Upon accepting agreement to participate, you are allowed 1 calendar month to use the wrap. You are eligible to renew your agreement pending your follow up. (Details can be found in the agreement)

Please send an email to (Subject: Wear&Share PIF) to request an application. Please also leave a comment here so that I know to keep an eye out for your email! If you know someone who may benefit from this program please contact me and FWD them the application and this link!