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Clary Calm Down Aunt Flow


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I will never forget my first day of my Psychological Statistics course from undergrad. I laid down for a nap before my (evening) class, and I woke up unable to move. Good old Aunt Flow had decided to drop by that day for her monthly visit and left me in SO much pain.

Point of my story? I had to literally ROLL myself off the sofa, army crawl to my door, and limpy gimpy from there to the car, through the store, pick up my meds and heating pads, and pain through a venture down to school. The best way to describe it? "When my Aunt Flow is in town, she stays busy skateboarding inside of my baby baking oven until she leaves."

Top this lovely experience off with crazy cravings (seriously? If you saw me, you would wonder "Is she on her period, or pregnant?" lol), moodiness, fatigue, and back pain and you can probably imagine what kind of ball of hot mess I am. (Poor hubby.) They told me it would get better after I had children, but it didn't. Now it just feels like I'm on my period 4 weeks out of the month! I was losing energy, gaining weight, and becoming a constant Debbie Downer/Negative Nancy. Something HAD TO change!


Lucky for me, my friend Sheri (from The Essential Manatee) had mentioned this blend early in my journey with oils! Unfortunately, my ship date and Aunt Flow decided they were going to make life harder on me by not synching up. I was able to give it to a friend who has SEVERE SEVERE menstruation issues, and whose mom just happens to be going through menopause as well. The feedback? AMAZING! This ONE blend had not only helped alleviate SO much of her discomfort and problems, but it helped her mom cope with the side effects of menopause.

As I write this, I am wrapping up month # 2 of having been able to use this oil. And can I just say.... WOW. I've only had enough cramps to count on one hand (and they have been pretty minor at that), I am not as moody, I'm not achy, and even though I still eat like a crazy fat girl, I feel so good now that I can still get my workouts in (I'm actually pretty motivated to do so, just because I am so "Ok with life right now.") The best part is? It comes in a convenient (and cute) 10mL roller bottle (the size of the ones I usually make and stash around the house) so I can carry it with me anywhere without it cluttering me up, AND it's SO easy to apply! I just have to roll it on my abdomen/over my uterus, or anywhere else I am having pain, or even just inhale a few deep breaths of it. No muss, no fuss! (And NO more army crawling!)


Anyone else have issues with this time of the month? I am working on making more natural improvements to accommodate hosting the Crimson Tide every month and would LOVE to hear your experiences!

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