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Shrimp and Grits


It's been a long week, I've been busy playing mom by day, blogger at night AND I have been extra on point with my walking/working out thanks to my AWESOME Get Fit Challenge Group! Born and raised in the South, sometimes there is nothing better than some good old southern cooking to end the week!

shrimp (thawed) lemon juice cayenne pepper salt/pepper cheddar cheese grits bacon (optional) chives water olive oil old bay seasoning garlic cloves butter

1- Cook grits according to instructions (season lightly with butter, cayenne, and salt/pepper if desired; I prefer a dash of seasoning salt!)

2- Once you've started on the grits, warm your oil mixed with butter (if desired) in a large pan. Add garlic cloves when oil becomes warm, and lightly brown*.

3-Add shrimp, season with Old Bay, and lower to medium heat and cover; stir occasionally.

4-Once shrimp begin to pink, add a hint of lemon juice (about 2-3 tablespoons is what I use), and take heat back to med-high, add more Old Bay (if desired) and stir frequently until shrimp turn pink.

5- Add cheese, chives and bacon* to the grits and stir over med-low heat. Dice shrimp to desired fineness, and add to grits. (I like to add the oils/grease from the shrimp in the grits too!)


2*- you can cook bacon first and use the fat to cook the shrimp with.